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My deepest condolences to the family, friends, and team mates of Wouter Weylandt.

The Sweet: Of course, if you hung around here through all the Trans Iowa madness, you know Janna Vavra notched the first finish in any Trans Iowa by a female. I found a link to her report for Nebraska Cycling News, which I read just yesterday. I thought I'd share it today. Bring your family and take part in the family Dover Sole Relay Race or the Pacific Seafoods Oyster Spitting Contest. Fishermen Tug-o-War Challenge. My dude Saint put me onto a blog that he started called "words from". It features an eclectic mix of people, some of which you may recognize, that he invited to share their words. Each 'words from' post includes a picture of the person and couple paragraphs of whatever they wanted to share. Here is Saint's words from so you get the idea. Wordsfrom.

Hello there! Today I am excited to be participating in a special blog waltz.

Several of the Waltzingmouse Stamps Design Team members are using Waltzingmouse stamps to embellish bags from Pouch Mart - a web store that sells all shapes, colors and sizes of bags. See all the prize details at the bottom of my post. I have two projects to share with you today. The first is using the Eco-Friendly Mini Tote Bag. These are great, light weight bags - they are the same material as many of the reusable shopping bags available now in most grocery stores. "The greatest incitement to guilt is the hope of sinning with impunity. The identity of the soldier has never been revealed to Joachim''s family. No one has been brought to justice. Joachim's family is not satisfied with the explanation offered by the Cuban dictatorship. Today, we remember Joachim and continue to demand justice for him and his family. Hopefully this information will assist others thinking of traveling to Cuba to take the proper precautions for themselves and their loved ones. In practice, however, there can be unforeseen consequences, especially when two or more firms are assigned aspects of the same litigation and their fees are constrained by AFA's. The panel will discuss allocation of risk and the attendant ethical conflicts that can arise under several kinds of AFA. I watched the cockroaches crawl around the clean laundry in the basket next to the couch as I took my patient's blood pressure. I wandered around the apartment, noting clearly that the floors do indeed slant in one direction or another in each room, at times to a considerable degree. Her daughters, able-bodied and young, say that even they sometimes lose their footing from the missteps they take on the floors which are not unlike those in a carnival fun-house. My patient, who suffers from arthritis so severe that she receives intravenous chemotherapy every two months, has a difficult time negotiating the apartment, a cause of much frustration and anger on her part. This move to the first floor from the fourth is fraught with new challenges, and perhaps has been for the worse. I drafted a strongly worded letter to the landlord asking for urgent placement in a first-floor residence, or a building with reliable elevators. Hi Everyone. While its not quite the last minute. This group of dedicated public servants took part in K-Mart Safety day in Marathon this week, talking to kids and their families about safety and crime prevention! Attending from the Sheriff's Office: Deputies Matthew Pitcher, Greg Korzen, Rosary Ponce, Shaun Lones, Josh Baer and Sgt. Spenser Bryan. A thick packet of type written pages chock full of information I don't really want to know. Well, I do. My bees are keeping me REALLY busy right now. The main nectar flow is on and the girls are going crazy. The three tallest hives below are just bursting with bees. Yesterday morning I had to go out and add still more supers to the hives. Get the look. S. The International Marketing Program Director is part of the core leadership team who work with the Executive Director to coordinate and execute ASMI programs. Responsibilities include working directly with the U. S. However I do have lots of pictures I think you will like. First up is Lee Anne. She made this beautiful Batik quilt. This is a close up of one of the blocks. This fabric is stunning! These blocks are made from the Bali Tiles package by Hoffman Fabrics. INTUITIONby brendaWe were talking one day, about guys. like this is the opposite of faking it. do you ever. tone it down ?. By William Van Poyck “That one? There?” you ask, drawing your index finger along the shiny, purplish gash creasing your leg. The woman nods with a sleepy, feline grace, then tosses her head, arcing her long, raven-black hair behind her like a lacquered Chinese fan. You consider her, caught in the low angled sunlight streaming in from the east. You watch the play of shadows dappling the rising swell of her turned hip, youthfully jaunty, yet round with the fertile promise of a mature woman’s fullness. You again sense that, even at her age, she is preternaturally wise, astutely conscious of her looks, posture and mannerisms and their necessary effect upon men. She rolls over in the bed, naked but for a languid smile.

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Bad weather was blamed for the dip, preventing tankers from docking in the country’s southern ports.

Happy Valentine's Day, darlings! CC has rounded up some of the most ravishing red pieces for your viewing pleasure and shopping inspiration! Haute Couture inspiration: Alexandre Vauthier gown pictured via vogue. Christian Louboutin Iriza Half dOrsay pumps, at barneys. Runway coverage via style. A. M. B. The Lebanese Recipes kitchen presents the Most Expensive Kitchen Range. It’s the most expensive kitchen range in the world and it has the features to justify the cost. The range features an electric and a gas oven, both vaulted, as well as two large hot plates and four large brass burners in the stainless steel top.

That’s only the standard configuration, however, as La Cornue will gladly produce a custom Grand Palais with additional electric or gas ovens, burners or hot plates in place of features you think you’d be less likely to use.

Other options include a lava rock, a teppanyaki grill or an induction plate. This expensive range is available in sixteen different colors of porcelain enamel and each is assembled by hand. This is the distance at which he won the Pennsylvania Derby last summer, and one would think that a son of Tiznow, out of an AP Indy mare, would appreciate the longer route. That's what Sheikh son Sheikh Rashid was thinking when he purchased a share of the colt this past week. "We're looking for a World Cup horse," said Trevino. "Morning Line was very good at the end of his three-year-old campaign, and from looking at his pedigree, we don't think he's a miler. This year I planted my lettuces in a raised bed in a shady area on my patio and it has been growing like crazy. Needless to say, we have been eating lots of salads. This is one of our favorites. First, layer a bunch of different types of lettuce on a plate. Add sliced pickled beets and pickled hard boiled egg slices. Add sliced strawberries, thinly sliced red onion rings and sprinkle with feta cheese.

Add some blackberries and salted pecans.

You can find my recipe for poppy seed dressing here: Drizzle the salad with some of this dressing. You don't need much, a little goes a long way. Mark Dugdale in photos by Robert Reiff. Absolutely beautiful day to be out. It was very busy today. Between the weather being nice,and the newspaper actually advertising the shoot, there were double the people this week. Did almost double the rounds we did last week. They had homemade chili this week. It was pretty good. .