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My new fire boots.

In addition to being the most expensive footgear that I've ever owned, they're the biggest, even for me.

The huge leather steel toes make it feel like I should be doing a rendition of "Puttin' On The Ritz".

Labels: being large in a small world, fireman, hobbies, My Life As A Giant. Sony Pictures is the US distributor, but no dates have been confirmed yet. We can't confirm Fandango's date for now, but we'll keep you updated. Via. Frequently traveling. Pisces. quote "These are my rants, photos, and possibly some secretive writings made public". All the photos by J Isobel de Lisle. This is a tiny peek at the doll quilt I am working on for Carolyn. We are participating in a doll quilt swap hosted by Christine over at Once Upon a Quilt. I'll post a larger "peek" next week. Patheos gives voice to a young muslim female Ph. D. student: I was the only hijab-wearing woman in the group attending this course. When I have told people in the past that I am a PhD candidate, they tend to jump in with two predictable choices. Something to do with medicine, they say. Dentistry? Pharmacy? Or it’s Middle East Studies. Translation? Arabic? Urdu? Persian? One of those “Islamic” languages? Well, it’s a language. But not one of those that involves “deciphering crabbed oriental scrolls” like St. John in Jane Eyre. There’s a clue there. Because I am a hijab-wearing woman who has been studying English literature at university level for a decade, more or less — although I am predictable in that I choose to study novels about and from the Middle East.

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Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends upon what you think.

-Dale Carnegie How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, "Your God reigns. Images - Ken Johnson. So, there you are at dinner in Woburn Abbey. The Countess Grey to your left, the youngest daughter of the French ambassador to your right. What can you discuss with such well-bred people? Your French is sketchy.

And, even though the earl is president of the Cremation Society, death, unless it concerns the prime rib gracing the table, is not an appropriate bit of chat.

Thank heavens, there are two universally safe table topics.

Health and weather. And even health can be dodgy, as we all learned from Alan Jay Lerner. So, the weather it is. Weather is a regular conversation topic here in Melaque. We were in the middle of the great Sonoran Desert when Darrel said: "This isn't the desert. Well, what we thought was the desert when we were kids. Deserts are supposed to have sand dunes. Like the Sahara. "The Sonoran Desert is what we thought was cowboy and Indian country. With mountains and cactus. The type of place Roy Rogers and Gene Autry would roam. The smallest parts of prisoners’ lives can reflect changes in the wider society. Like shaving. It was once the case that we had to shave every morning, a failure to do so leading to disciplinary charges. We were not allowed to possess razor blades. These were old-fashioned, double edged blades that had to be screwed in to the razor itself. Both were kept in a pouch by staff, to be issued each morning and collected shortly after. A few decades on, and we are now issued disposable razors. They are crap. We are allowed to hold them in our possession, exchanging them in the office, on a new for old basis.

A great day is planned with amazing prizes, fantastic raffle, good food and time to catch up with friends.

Every little one needs a bunny for Easter. Check out this fun stuff we have at Movies by the Sea. We're always happy to keep up with gift registries for birthdays and holidays. Design Team CallSketchabilities is on the search for new Design Team members for our next term. I am exhausted! I got about two hours of sleep last night which were on the couch because I couldn't stop tossing and turning in bed- it has been really humid here and my brain would not stop and I watched too many trashy shows before getting ready for bed and all of that stuff equals NO SLEEP for me!!! I had big plans tonight to clean my messy studio and to get photos of artwork cleaned up and to get a jump start on some projects for publications, and so on and so on. but no luck tonight. it will have to wait!But I am happy to say that I posted a new clutch on etsy!.

Hello Everyone.

Angie Blom here with the weekly update forMY UNITY PLACE We have just ended Stephanie's one layer challenge and the winners are SHIRL LEONGandHEATHER HOFFMANCONGRATSgo to the challenge for details. For the next two week the My Unity Place Challenge is to use your Unity or Ippity stampsto make your own background. Now the full card view. Using the leaf stamps , stamping them randomly and colouring with copics. For my own Ippity Designer Paper!!! I Used these two Ippity Stamp Sets. Today I would like to introduce you to Beth. I have always been drawn to the simple paper and pen, and I always tried to find new ways to bring it into my life. When I found Filofax, I was drawn to it like a moth and I couldn't keep my eyes of any of it. After realizing how much I loved doing this, I started my blog Live. Love. Planners. We bought two new chickens on the weekend.

A buff Sussex named Quince and a Light Sussex named Quentin.

My Australian friends will know who she is named for.

They've settled in very well with the other girls and Martha, our buff Orphington, is looking after them. I'm sure they'll enjoying living here. Exploring new terrain - Quince and Quentin. Mes petits Choux. Follow this link to read about the latest adventures of Richard and Kahlan.

These projects were submitted to Stampin' Up for selection of the Convention Display Stampers.

Yup I was rejected. Oh well, you never know unless you try. If you know me, then you know that I have BIG hair. Over the years I have just learned to embrace the fro, and just let it do what it wants to do. The end of the month approaches once more. At the moment, I have only about one-third of what is required to pay next month's rent, along with a few basic first-of-the-month bills. So I regret that I must ask for donations again. I know that times are increasingly difficult for many people, and I'm deeply sorry to have to make the request for many reasons. So there's the risk of sample selection bias. Of superimposing an alien gloss onto the text. But it's hard to make confident generalizations given the vast scope of the topic over time and place. The available evidence is unmanageably large, and even then, that's only scratching the surface.

Take fire.

That can be used for heating and cooking. Keeping predators at bay. These ribbons were a spot on color match for papers from Prima's "Something Blue" paper collection. After stitching my layers together, adding a little fussy cut flower detail and a die cut doily, I stamped my sentiment on a tag from the collection. I think I need to add all the colors in this range to my ribbon stash, don't you? It just plays together so well with seam binding ribbon that it's a joy to work with. I wanted to give you a close up of the fun paper curls I created for the bow cluster. When making my card base, I shaved off a sliver of paper to make the border dimensions exactly right. Heat oil in a pan, add black grapes and saute. Add salt, red chili powder, black salt and cook till soft. Add jaggery to the grapes along with lemon juice and mix well. Cook till thick. Grind it to paste so that it’s easy to apply on the paneer slice. .