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Simply put, it's one of the best fantasy novels I have ever read.

Jacqueline Carey truly hit it out of the park. A grand slam, if ever there was one. About two years ago, I contacted Carey to ask if I could jump into this multi-volume tale by starting with the second trilogy. I picked up my Halloween costume from the post office today. Friday I'm going to a Burlesque show in Toronto and will be looking to practice my booty shake. Run my ass.

Future Report.

Bonne lecture !Have a good reading !. Just a scan of Derik today. I even love some not so good before and afters lol I just love to see the changes. Improvements. Decide if the changes made something better or worse, etc. And yes, for a while there I was pretty addicted to HGTV lol It’s pretty much a before and after kind of channel! Anyway, we’ve done a LOT to the house since we bought it two years ago. Some massive changes, some more subtle and some are still ongoing.

We’ve not only made structural and decorative changes, we also tried to make the place a LOT more energy efficient.

"This cartoon ran a couple days after Halloween and is based on the same theme I used last year at this time, but with different costumes and punch lines, of course. It was SO hard to avoid obvious costumes like "President Sarah Palin," nothing could be scarier than that, but I have to keep Bizarro from overtly attacking specific political parties. Yes, it is hard. The title panel that went with this cartoon in some markets was fun, I think. My dad tells me that Mom gets a kick out of seeing it in the paper, but wishes I wouldn't "mess it up" with my humorous additions. When she said that, I think she was specifically referring to the three-eyed alien version I sometimes use. Pence will not be the only big name to attend the matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots at NRG Stadium.