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Shall not return to me void,but shall do my will,achieving the end for which I sent it.

And the Holy Spirit, through whom the living voice of the Gospel rings out in the Church - and through her in the world - leads believers to the full truth, and makes the Word of Christ dwell in them in all its richness.

A recent piece by William Nordhaus purports to show why global warming skeptics are wrong. As he notes, one problem with the project is that there are a lot of people skeptical of different parts of the argument for doing something about global warming. He therefor chooses to select a specific set of criticisms, published in the Wall Street Journal. It says that they have not been rising for more than ten years—which, so far as one can tell from the graph, is true. He is attacking them for the offense of making a true claim on the grounds that a claim they did not make is false. "Some statements are both true and dangerous. This is one of them. " The quote above is my standard example. The fact that a true statement can be dangerous provides an argument for suppressing freedom of speech. Which is why that true statement is dangerous. I am currently on call for jury duty, which reminds me of an example of the same principle which both I and my readers are considerably more likely to face as a real moral choice. We rarely have the opportunity to suppress speech or writing, whether or not we approve of such suppression.

But I, like those of my readers who also live in countries under the Anglo-American jury system, may well have to decide whether or not someone accused of a crime will go to jail for it.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Huskers University Large College Flag by College Flags and Banners Co. I have just seen an advert on TV which is a perfect example of the technique described in my book review two posts ago. The ad is for a milk formula for older babies. You may have seen it. The ad starts by making the suggestion that children of this age run a significant risk of dietary iron deficiency, something I suppose would never have occurred to the vast majority of parents. It then points out how little iron there is in ordinary cows milk, while scaring people with the terrible consequences to the development of the child if this “problem” is not addressed. Fortunately the solution is at hand in their product, a milk formula fortified with iron.

And there you have it.

Problem condition invented, child medicalised, problem solved. What utter bastards, setting out to profit from a groundless fear, planted by them. Could any of my GP readers advise how often they see iron deficiency in older babies, and toddlers.


He is a particular favorite of The Daughter. This is just a small portion of the most wonderful vacation we have ever had! God really blessed us with wonderful weather. Precious time with our daughter and her family! We went with our kids on their sail boat and we were able to sight see all the huge mansions. We spent a whole day at Sea World. Yet, walking on the beach and looking for seashells by the sea shore was the sweetest with our kids. God's beautiful creation and a sight to bless our tired weary souls Even the scent of salt water and the tropical breeze Refreshment galore!! We have been home for almost a week and it seems like the memories are all we have, except the healthy tan and pictures of course. I want to say this about memories that they really are a force so strong at times. I truly believe God provided for this vacation and we made very special memories of our kids and grandchildren. We brought back two very specific seashells, one of them was a pink conk shell which represents our daughter and her family. And a very white and shiny one almost translucent, that represents our son and his family. They are now displayed on the mantel to remind us of our treasures. It's the same interview as the one we posted HERE but the beginning about the critics is different. And his last answer is longer too.

ETA: All 'Bel Ami' reviews are being added to this post.

The newest ones are at the bottom of the post. Since most reviews are really long, here is just the link for them. ieEye for FilmThe SkinnyHey U GuysWhat's on StageDaily StarMirrorMSN MoviesOK. co. co. A week ago I bought a second hand mirror and rear fender at motorsloop Wegman Motoren in Aalsmeer. I had to cut of some pieces and drilled some holes to make the fender fit. The mirror was rusty so it needed some attention. Sandpaper did the trick. A few weeks ago I lost my Ascot keys at Goodwood so I needed a new ignition lock. The stock ignition lock is a pain in the ass. You can't reach it when you're wearing gloves so I decided to relocate the new ignition switch to the left side. From being received by the Secretary of State in a private meeting to being threatened with physical removal from the State Department for asking a question. Below is video footage of the meeting and briefing. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson issued a press release describing what went on at the meeting: State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said that Powell "expressed his admiration" for Paya's efforts in Cuba. "It was a very good meeting and I think we heard a lot from Mr. Paya about the efforts that he and others in Cuba are making to try to bring about peaceful, democratic change in Cuba," Boucher said. Twelve years later, and six years into the Obama presidency, everything has changed and not for the better. courtesy of singtao. cc Jackie Chan earlier attended an appreciation event in Beijing for his new film DRAGON BLADE. However Jackie Chan finally opened up in an interview as he talked about Cho Ming's changes and their father and son relationships. Jackie Chan recalled the day when Cho Ming regained his freedom when father and son reunited for the first time. "That day I was still very busy. courtesy of singtao. Although the team blocked two out of the three lanes, the leads still risked their lives as they fought within a meter of a truck passing by. The shoot was filled with danger. Chi Tan was naturally demanding for his own fight scene, but he also encouraged Wang Baoqiang as he hoped to shape his martial art image. "Brother Tan earlier put together this scene with Southern Fists, Northern Kicks, weapons, and wrestling. Director Chan Tak Sum said, "During the fight a truck might scratch them, so they had to dodge vehicles as they fought. Type in your responses under EACH section. If your opinion is that the research article does not address or infer an answer to a particular section, then you must so state and JUSTIFY your statement. You must justify all your responses. Do NOT use quotes. Critiques submitted without the PDF will not be accepted. It's Wednesday, and here at Preschool Ponderings, that means time to focus on the standards. Every Wednesday I choose an Early Learning Standard and share a number of activities that can be aligned with that particular standard. I've rounded up some great ideas today!Domain: MathematicsStrand: AlgebraTopic: Patterning There are a ton of activities that you can do with little ones to work on patterning skills. e. e. Ever been for a ride on an Zonkey? Far Guy met the Holter’s, they had a daughter named Gail and a son named Bobby. They played fairs throughout the midwest so they would often end up on the same fairgrounds. The kids were friends. Far Guy says: Gail had a pet kitten, it was a Cheetah. Later that day she came over to the trailer when we were closed for supper. She was sitting on the couch. Dad told her “We have a wild animal too…locked up in the back bedroom.

Yesterday we ran errands.

I keep “things” pinned to my bulletin board until I can’t stand it anymore. I suppose it just depends on who you are. The park has old willows flanking the river. One such willow was known as the picture tree…because of its sweeping branch. m. to noon. Olson Water Park in Willmar. On an unrelated note. here's a couple farm items for sale in this area. tfs. Here's a picture of where I live. It's all woven into a song, but it is very real and honestly isn't too bad. The permit isn't associated with a vessel, so an additional boat would not be removed from the fishery. And why would freezer longliners want to retire a latent, or inactive, permit? "All vessels. The other night I was walking past the Goober's play house, and Sekhmet leapt out at me. I screamed and spilled tea everywhere, and the cat ran off with "hahahahahaha" being said with every line of her body. She's doing it regularly now. That's not the flash making her eyes glow. They do that all the time. We had a big job to do this past weekend which ended up taking the better part of three days. The sheep were in constant jailbreak mode and something had to be done. From the photo above, I can hardly blame them. The supplemental hay just wasn't doing it for them. It's spring, and they demand green grass. He was hoping the rest would continue partcipating in the project but they were on to him. by Phil JohnsonSalad DaysI wanted to do a repost today, and this one struck me as fairly important and yet potentially fun. Yes, I know there's a repost within this repost, but these days I think it's important to keep trying to get people to realize that doctrinal statements really are more important than fashion statements.


"Bob" Dobbs tomorrow. There were people on the fringes of evangelicalism pushing a superficial notion of "relevance" for several decades before the Emergers emerged with the idea, and the cooler those people seemed at their peak, the more ridiculous their style looks today. When a particular "style" is your main distinctive, you're guaranteed to be outmoded soon. More important, if "style" is your main contribution to the conversation, you're already irrelevant, whether you know it or not. Second, to stress the point a little more, here's a repost from my original blog that seems apropos to the current discussion. It was a reply to an e-mail from a reader who was irritated with me:To: "Savage Countenance" From: "Phillip R. Johnson" Subject: Re: Cr—t-r?!! Dear "Savage Countenance," Many thanks for your message. It's always fun to go garaging in a new neighborhood. New streets, houses you’ve never seen before, landscaping to admire. So I checked the ads and sketched a bit of a route and headed out by myself.

The first thing I noticed was the contrast between the scenery there and what I see at home.

Here’s the view down my street—with most of the neighbors’ cars away for the day. This includes one of my favorite new paper collection by Crate, Twirl. It also has some of my new diamond stickles on the candles. This is double sided card stock so the brown was the reverse side of the floral. The stamps are from fun and fast notes and all holidays. WE WILL BE CLOSED BOTH MONDAY AND TUESDAY THIS WEEK. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one” - Wayne DyerAnother crisp morning here as the fog sits low and the ocean breathes salty air. While the tide is a bit high and the sets are lulling in classic south swell fashion, waves will be here today. Check it out!. I'm excited to be making my debut on the Taylored Expressions blog today with a snow globe photo ornament project and tutorial. I hope you'll join me over there for another look at my project and a bit about my inspiration. From there, you can sign up for the Taylored Expressions e-Newsletter where you'll find full step-by-step instructions for making your own snow globe photo ornament! Thanks for visiting!. Sparkle N Sprinkle have recently released four new rubber stamp sets that are available now for purchase. Rose Bouquet, which I designed with Mother's Day in mind, Swirls, Soccer and Basketball. The sports sets are great for creating masculine cards, but they're also useful for scrapbookers who enjoy using stamps on their pages. Simply stamp, colour and cut out for a great embellishment. Rose Bouquet Swirl Soccer Basketball. Gary Strydom Jeff King Frank Zane Roger Callard with someone famous. A reader recently asked if there was any contemporary evidence to support the story that Glenn H. Included is a photograph I've never seen before, which is reproduced below: Glenn H. It was built by Mr. G. H. Curtiss, a well known motor-bicycle maker, with the idea of breaking all records. The blog below this one about marriage and weddings is the one I wrote to you about today. But here are a few general facts I need to mention also. I'm still really thrilled by this kind of thing. That's how you can tell that I'm not "really" famous. Here is a link to a video interview of me at the Purple Onion, a couple hours before my show there a couple weeks ago. was featured in the March-May issue of Australian publication Vegan Voice magazine. Wes, The Happy Hospitalist, and Dr. There is always at least one sour note. In this posting, Dr. Rob expresses no little dissatisfaction that he can't find out in anything like a timely fashion what the heck the hospitalists et al did with his patient in the hospital. I hasten to point out that this is not be case with every hospitalist-patient-PCP encounter set but obviously sometimes it does happen. .