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Join the T Tuesday gathering over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog. Pull up a chair and share a drink with us. I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw Dan Wasserman's cartoon in the Sunday Boston Globe: I admit that this cartoon is obviously a gross simplification of how many subprime borrowers got into their current predicament. Semakin tinggi suatu tempat maka maka rendah tekanan udaranya. Sehingga jika tekanan udara diketahui maka ketinggian dapat dihitung, dan sebaliknya jika ketinggian diketahui maka tekan udara dapat dihitung.

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cc Taiwan actor Chang Chen and his father Chang Kuo-Chu yesterday attended a film academy master class forum at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He shared with students his film with the late director Edward Yang Tak Cheung, A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY. The producer Yu Weiyan was also present. Speaking of BRIGHT as Chang Kuo-Chu and Chang Chen's first father and son collaboration, Chang Kuo-Chu stated that the film was a very important stage for them. Director Yang gave Chang Chen a lot of cultivation and was very influential on him. Because I haven't had the training, my acting has always been very rotten. " He also said that when he made BRIGHT, Director Yang used a lot of art university students and very little money. Big Pine Key – An Orlando man died while diving offshore of Big Pine Key Monday. m. to reports a diver was being brought in from offshore, not breathing. CPR was being performed on board a Tow Boat US boat that had picked him up and was bringing him to shore.

The friend said they surfaced and were taking off their equipment on different sides of the boat.

He said he spoke to the victim and got no response so he checked on him. He said he didn’t see him near the boat He said he looked around and spotted what looked like dive gear floating on the surface a distance away. Then he realized it was the victim. Oh hi. Remember when I promised you that I would update you on movie stuff when there was information to update you about? Well, today there was this: As with any movie-related thing, I feel that I should help out with interpreting the information since I, too, was helped to interpret the information. Nothing is final until your buns are in the movie theater chair.

So let's wait and see what happens next.

Naturally, we're all wondering how the search is going. Deckboss can provide a little insight in the form of a "confidential" email that came his way today. The email is "inside baseball," to some degree, but I expect most readers can follow it. In terms of applicants, my particular concern is with Julianne Curry, with whom I have professional experiences and observations at the NPFMC relative to the Salmon FMP issue. It is not about Julianne as a person, and it is not about personal issues, instead, it is about her history with fishery policy agendas, how she has pursued them and her professional relationships with UFA groups. This is the third in my series of vegan ceramic sculptures about the mistreatment of animals for our food source. Contrary to popular myth, mounting scientific evidence shows that fish can suffer fear and pain. Hundreds of millions more are killed for “sport” each year in the U. S. alone. Fishes are also increasingly replacing other animals for scientific experimentation. Approximately one-quarter of all the animals used for research and education in North America are fish. She has created something called, The Unselfie Project. Instead of you posted a dumb selfie, she creates a portrait for you to post all over your social media nonsense. You send her a photo and she does a cool illustration of you and e-mails it back to you. Simple. I am prepping for the post on fashion and how to dress. Though the images still need a lot of work. And it's likely gonna be more than one post. Anyone taking this seriously should get their own measurements and perhaps stand in front of a mirror, naked, and do an honest assessment. One is not better than another, but you've gotta figure out which one you've got if you wanna figure out what to wear after that. If you've gotta, pretend you're dressing a mannequin. That's how I started doing it. I hate cooking for myself so I had left over pepperoni pizza. It was gross!What I'm Listening to: Call Me Maybe – it on my iphone and when i was driving home tonight i had it blarring in the car. I was signing to the top of my lungs and making believe i was calling someone! Seriously. I don't match. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. Det skjer så mye ute nå at jeg ikke hinner helt med. Ene dagen er det så vidt snøen har smeltet og andre dagen blomstrer frukt tre. Mitt Opal plomme tre i Lunden har klart vinteren uten snæbrekk, tverrliggeren klarte oppgaven. Opal takker med rikelig med blomster mot den blå himmelen. Håper nå jeg får mer enn to plommer i år. Dessverre virker det som om jeg må frem med sagen, det er alle rede nesten for høyt. Both my Opal Plums and Sweet Cherry trees are flowering. The to newest ones suffered badly from last winter but this winter hasn’t done any harm at all as I can notice. Thank you for all your lovely messages of support. It warms the heart to know when one's efforts are appreciated. Ed. So a recap. Well, not as cool as trucks, of course, but. I loved the ad, anyway. I suppose that means, as we are constantly informed about advertising, that I will soon be overwhelmed by an irresistible urge to go out and buy one. All scripture referance from hence forth will be taken from this translation. Otherwise, it voids the meaning of the word ‘almighty. ’ Neither Jesus nor the holy spirit is ever called that, for Jehovah alone is supreme. ”We are most interested in the point made that Jesus is never called the “Almighty” in the entire bible. Draw tight the tapestry curtains and deny the moonlight passage into your sheltered room. Kiss the golden amulet wound securely round your neck and pull up the warm quilt as far as you can, far up over your head if you wish. But remember, just remember, it shall make not a difference on the last day of the month. For you shall be found, oh yes. Step out in the darkness and gaze up at the clouds. You can feel it already, in the depth of your bones - in the way your hands tremble, in the way your thumbs prick. Even now the pumpkins are smiling, even now the black cats are listening to voices unheard. Nothing fancy, right? Well what if I told you this single free-range chicken has lasted ten meals! It's true, and I thought I'd share the Cold Antler method of making a simple set of scratch ingredients into many meals for many folks. Some folks don't know that a whole chicken can go into a slow cooker, but is sure can. Take a defrosted bird from your own farm or a friendly farm near you and when it is covered in olive oil, spices, herbs - place it in a slow cooker. This pot has carrots, onions, parsnips and potatoes. After the veg is in, I turn it to low and let it cook until the bird literally falls apart. After that I pull out the chicken and remove the bones and leave the meat in the pot! Now you have a hearty chicken soup. Sugimoto rekindles the dialogue between painting and the medium of mechanical reproduction. His painterly renditions, lush with detail, recall the various paintings from which the wax figures were originally drawn. Through layers of reproduction—from subject to painting to wax statue to photograph—these images most consciously convey the collapsing of time and the retelling of history. Solomon R. some facts are incontrovertible. Many severe weather events were linked to this cooling. Mini Aang paper toy from Gus Santome, based on the animated tv series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jeanne Oliver has just released her new line.

Town and Country.

and it is amazing. For my UPS driver. I left this out on the step but the driver did not take it. I am guessing it must have been a temp driver so I'll have to stalk him for my next shipment. which will most likely be tomorrow- LOL. I packed this in a cello bag the same way I did yesterdays USPS truck. Here is the back of the tag. this is a custom stamp - I just LOVE IT!!! and then I just hand wrote the dogs and address. We have been having a glorious summer this year, very settled, with lovely warm evenings. We have been able to enjoy our garden, to the point that we have been more or less living out there. The housework has definitely been suffering. But the weather has changed about a week ago. We planned a BBQ for Saturday, to celebrate our daughter's birthday. Saturday came and it rained, and it rained, with high winds. It's been about two years now since I chose to open up my life & trading journey via this online journal to those who happened to stumble across these virtual pages. btw, disinterested onlookers can change the channel now.

It's called the "Walk to Emmaus", with which I imagine many of you are familiar.

I'll spare the details of the effort, which you can check out via this link if you're so inclined. And I admit I'm a bit apprehensive about it. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Well folks, looks like we have a case of the Mondays today. Lake Bolinas is nice and flat. Overcast and damp conditions with no wind. The NW swell has passed us by on its way to other locations. Today would be a good day to get caught up on some sleep or even some work. I'm not finished with the quilting of this one, but it's a great story. She planned to make a quilt with them for her new daughter. It's been a funny joke within the family for many years that Connie will eventually finish the blocks. Well, her daughter is getting married this month and she plans to give the quilt to her at that time. Thursday night my boys had floor hockey at the local YMCA. I had my sketch book there and the lady sitting across from me was crocheting so she was sitting pretty still. I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some live drawing. I have always wanted to do some live drawing but I know I am not very good at it so I have never really tried it before. I know, this is dumb. I can not get any better at something if I do not ever do it. It did not turn out very well, but I consider it another notch on my list of things I have never done but want to be better at. Kelly Wearstler interior pictured via Pinterest. Gianvito Rossi multi-band t-strap sandal. Jennifer Meyer diamond and lapis pyramid ring. CC covets! Darlings, what do you think of this sumptuous space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Hi! I am Teddy and I want to show you what my mama has been making. She has been very busy.

I am feeling neglected.

Don't I look neglected to you? Hey everyone! Sorry I did not post yesterday. I was in Ikea hell. I was thrilled when I placed my order because it went so smoothly. That was, until delivery occurred. Good lord! They sent a bunch of wrong parts with a delivery/installation service they contract with. These guys let me know fast that Ikea's mistake was not their responsibility. I was responsible for returning all of the mistakes and making everything right. Oh, and, they are also not responsible for carrying away all of the boxes and Styrofoam that was now scattered all over the house. I won't know until Friday when the final installation is done. Why do I feel like this is not going to go smoothly? Anyway, between Ikea issues I am cooking like crazy for my daughter's event. .