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It has been raining pretty heavily for a while now in California, where I live. That ought to be good news, but one would not know it by the news stories I see. The heavy rains may lead to flooding, mud slides, and similar problems. The drought is not over. My initial reaction to that pattern, in part due to spending too much time arguing climate issues online, was that the news media were pushing the orthodox line—climate change is bad—by focusing on the bad features of current weather and dismissing the fact that the increased rain signaled the end of a serious three year drought. My wife offered a different, and probably more nearly correct, interpretation. But it is an accurate description of the implications for humans. Three years of drought have left reservoirs very low and it will take more than a few weeks of rain to refill them. Give a kid a camera. and this is what you get. Press Release: Smoother, quieter shifts and an easy-finding Neutral is just around the corner for your stock Cruise Drive bike! BAKER announces the release of our Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit. This kit is meant to replace the stock shift system in your bike, and provides a shift that feels and sounds smoother and quieter, as well as a positive Neutral engagement. Product Features:Easier to find neutral - Redundant neutral feature, and improved ratchet pawl geometry assist the rider in finding neutral the first time, every time. Smoother, more positive shifting - Smoother, positive shifting is achieved by incorporating advanced geometry in the fork pin groves, and the integration of a linear detent bearing on the right side mounting plate. Head on over to the Alex Grant Shop for some product shots. courtesy of singtao. He hoped to move the pedestrians with his sincerity because the script truly was great. He said that the last time he performed on the streets was already fifteen years ago. At the time he and Tsui Tin Yau performed SWALLOW TAIL BUTTERFLY with a guitar in Stanley. Speaking of the earlier film premiere, his friends praised that this film was his "super representative film". He replied, "Only one?" He described the premiere as very touching. Even she wanted to cry. She told me to keep working hard, for which I was very appreciative. courtesy of singtao.

cc Yesterday was the anniversary of Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing.

An Mui's fans yesterday morning arrived at her spirit tablet in Kowloon Tong's Shang Sin Chun Tong to pay their respect. Anita Mui International Fan Club sent two floral arrangements, prepared a lot of Ah Mui's favorite food like dim sum, beef chow fun, chicken and rice and a can of cola with "Be My Love" printed on the can. " In the afternoon Ah Mui's fans would pay their respect at Ah Mui's spirit tablet at the Lantau Island's Tian Tan Buddha. Mark your calendars for this great event, which raises money for Relay for Life. m. , Key West High School. Be there!. I always love to share New year's activities, for a couple of reasons. First, the Christmas let-down is a real thing, kiddos are bummed about the fact that they've looked forward to that big day and now it's over. Planning special activities for New Year's Eve or New Year's day is a great way to help them look forward to something else, and realize that just because Christmas is over the fun doesn't have to end. Second, the idea of a new year is a really abstract concept, celebrating the begining of the new year can help children attach a very real memory to what could otherwise be a vague idea. Here are a few awesome ideas for starting the New Year off with a bang: Bubble that little ones won' be able to get enough of - from Little Bins for Little Hands Easy resolutions that preschoolers can understand - from Mrs.

When I post about a new finish I usually say, she's finally finished! Quilts always take a lot of time and energy.

But let me say this time - shes. finally. finished. You may remember this quilt, called Pot 'o Flowers by Glenna Hailey that I started in November? I posted about it HERE. I approached my boss about making it because it was on my list of quilts to do and I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and make it as a sample for the store. Once I begun, I realized that it wasn't quite what I originally thought it was. It began to rain in early afternoon. After a late lunch at my parents with my other baby brother,“she who sees robins first,” my Aunt Judy and her daughters and their husbands I had a long nap. When I awakened just before dark it was still raining. Sleepy, If I were one of the seven dwarfs lately I would be sleepy. My Doctor switched my blood pressure medication. Even with four Potassium tablets a day my Potassium was depleted daily. I was sleepy and my large muscles hurt. Read the exciting review released today on NPR about author Laura Florand's THE CHOCOLATE THIEF! Featured as "a delectable summer bonbon," Florand's novel is described as a perfect book "for days when you lust not for wisdom, but for a bar of chocolate — at any price — and a hero who understands what is truly important. " Read the review here, and be sure to check out Laura Florand's deliciously sweet read for yourself!Laura Florand is the author of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF and BLAME IT ON PARIS. I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop last week and the last session of El's Kitchen BOM was being held. Above teacher Marilyn shows us her finished quilt! This is a close-up of one of her blocks. That little apron is so cute. And this is a close-up of the little flower on her basket in the center of her quilt. Sue C. had her quilt finished too. This is a close-up of her apron block. And these are the appliques that Sue is going to put around her center basket. These women are so generous. There is also a recipe in El's Kitchen book. Marilyn made this wonderful cherry cobbler from that recipe and let me test it! It is to die for! Thank you so much! This is what the group is going to work on next. The blocks will be from the book Farm Girl Vintage and will probably begin in September. Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was beautiful weather here in Michigan. Today I’d like to show you more pictures that Judi sent me. Jill, who works at the Attic Window Quilt Shop, recently went on a McCall’s quilting cruise. Above is the Christmas Strip quilt called Rose Wreath that she made while there. A scramble for development rights is underway. Contact your broker. Or not. My land lady in Villa Obregon was good enough to let me store my personal belongings at my rented place while I was in The States. I merely needed to pack things up and set them aside. When I drove down last year, most of my property fit in four plastic containers in the back of my truck. One was dedicated to Jiggs's dog paraphernalia. That container and his large feeding station came over from the beach house. While setting things aside in April, I decided I would get rid of anything I would not need when I returned in November. Quite a few things went out. And the contents of the dog box should have. I was going to donate it all to the local neuter clinic and adoption center. får runde av det hele. i'm so excited and happy!! my book is finally out ☀‿☀ i'll be posting about some of the different tasks of the making process because i made everything in it, except printing it out and selling! i designed it, created and stitched all the projects, wrote tutorials, took all the pictures and draw all the illos. for me, it's like one of my handmade dolls. so many things to tell you about this lovely adventure. all the projects include an embroidery used on an easy sewing project like cases, pincushions, apron. It's just one more way that I can incorporate creativity into my daily schedule! Once in a while I like to share a little peek into my Instagram photos. If you don't already follow me- head on over to my account- my user name is alisakburke- I share all kinds of fun things from our everyday life. I love the wonderful applications for altering and editing photos- I am constantly taking pictures and editing on the go and I couldn't live without some of these simple apps! Here are my top four applications that I use everyday- Snapseed is my favorite application to use for editing my photos- its SUPER simple and there are all kinds of amazing effects to easily enhance your photos. I use Whitagram all the time to add a white background to my Instragram photos. My friend Sharon and I both lead stressful lives, and we have this running joke that one of these days we really need to get together and have a nervous breakdown. We’ve both earned one several times over, that’s for sure. But neither of us is quite sure just what’s involved or how to go about it, so if we get together maybe we can figure it out. Sharon, however, has the good sense to know that even if life is stressful, you still need humor. Last week one day Sharon asked if I’d be interested in joining her and a few other ladies at a Night of Fun and Laughter at Applebees in Eugene. Would I ever. All day Monday I was fluttery, and as evening approached I was downright giddy.

Hello Ai Fans! Have you got something fun planned for the weekend? Sally here is all set to make a splash! You can find this great stamp - Sally Swimmer Set - in the store.

Just a short post today because I'm a bit busy, but I do have a few things to update you on. Most readers would know that Sharon was very sick last year and a couple of times we thought we might lose her. It was really frightening but thankfully she survived after a long stay in hospital. She's been back helping me behind the scenes here, especially with the apron swap, and on the forum, but she's still sick and may have to go back to hospital. She's also supporting another member of her family in their illness. I would like everyone to give Sharon a cyber hug and let her know how much we appreciate her and her work here.

I can honestly tell you that she gives me a lot of support behind the scenes and she really does help keep this place going.

Thanks Sharon. I send love and hugs to you and your mob over there! Get well soon. Sunny and Jamie watching the chooks. Father Mychal F. He became the first officially recorded fatality following the attack. May the grace of God the Father, peace of God the Son, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. We can never thank God enough for the reality of the lives we have. I don't see any "electable" RINOs filling stadiums. This is not your grandaddy's election. Birch Coffey from Elle Decor Greetings, The good news is - I'm back from an amazing week visiting family for the holidays. The bad news is - I seem to brought a small cold home with me. The other good news / bad news issue is that I'm SWAMPED at the office and thus I haven't been able to get nearly as much rest as I feel like I need. So, just for good measure, I'm spending the morning in bed.

Getting a bit of extra sleep.

And writing a quick blog post. With a self-owned garment factory and an in-house design team, persunmall. We also establish stable, long-term and cooperative relations with a number of domestic manufacturers to ensure the diversification of clothing types and accessories. Our high quality and fashionable clothing had won a wide reputation from our customers in America, Britain, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, etc. Our mission is to constantly provide our customers with the latest fashionable clothing. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Bohypsy, a fabulous line of costume jewelry, including these amazing statement earrings! Belle Pearl earrings Belleza earringsDenver Gold earringsElectric Nights earringsEvening Trinket earringsFarrah earrings. CC has and absolutely adores! So perfect for a night out on the town!Kora earringsLove in Blue earringsMod Candy earringsSofia earrings Which pair do you prefer? xoxox, CC P. S. P. S. Darlings, here are just a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Clark's Botanicals Lip Tint in Because I Love You, at clarksbotanicals.

CC has and adores.

Super smooth, in six luscious shades, and so moisturizing, with natural shea butter, aloe leaf extract, jojoba and sweet almond oil. Enjoy!. You don’t heal over a cultural cancer. In my home most Sundays the menu was fixed. Sunday mornings for my brothers were meant for swimming. We were blessed with a swimming pool that was built for the Asiad and the colony still benefits from it. H, S & S all loved their swim. They were not allowed to eat before swimming so when they came home they were served a yummy lunch. Especially Somu loved Birda so those who were at home would sit around a pot of Val sprouts to peel them after a sumptious Sunday breakfast. "She has a very expressive face" he told me, as I closed-in photographing as close as I could before she objected. But she never did, almost sneering at me as I tried to brake down her defenses.

I really liked her because she was a funny, tough woman.

Fool Moudammas is an Arabic appetizer dish that can be easily made at home. In the Arab world there are many restaurants serve this dish beside Falafel and Hummus. Mix them well and add remaining ingredients. This dish is usually eaten with pita bread. Enjoy the Fool Medemmas - Fool Moudammas. whether it be with some sort of system or something "home made". For me. I do both!For my scraps I use the Ribbon Spooler, and Ribbon Dispensers and Storage Trays from BEST craft. .