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I’ve walked this path for ten years. I’ve looked at this tree a hundred times. I give it a mental nod as I go by, as I would a passing acquaintance. Yet I never really saw it, not till today. Usually all I notice is the lower trunk, as fat as it is tall, knobbed with burls and fissures. In that strange alchemy of gum trees, the brown trunk gives way to white branches. They drag their weight over the path, crooked arms with broken fingers. The last time I wrote about this, I had just finished thumbnailing the book. Now, for your viewing pleasure, a sample of pages from the rough draft, or "dummy" of the book. After I break everything down into thumbnails, my next step is to create an actual "book", called a dummy, of my layouts, to better help me envision what the final pages will look like. The drawings are little more refined here than in the thumbnailing stage, but notice that some characters are still more or less just rough shapes. Especially that cow. Ugh. I need to get some good cow reference, and quickly. The video of the Lenten talk by Fr. Fryar on the "The Royal Priesthood of the Laity" is now available. It's a great talk about the priesthood in general - and how to have more perfect participation at Mass. Una Voce Ventura and St Mary Magdalen parish sponsored this talk by Fr. Father gives a beautiful talk on the Ministerial priesthood and the Royal Priesthood of the Laity, talking about the ways that we can cultivate "perfect" participation in the Sacrifice of the Mass as laity with our distinctive role and dignity. Video by Ron Lawson. Paul is very deliberate in his intro by plainly giving all credit to God’s grace amongst the Macedonians, accurately recognizing that all their good deeds are nothing more than God’s work in their lives. It is not about the Macedonians, but about God’s grace in their lives. “Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. The Gospel message had a very real effect in the Macedonians and this was seen in their outward lives of service. In response to the overwhelming love they received from God in Jesus Christ the Macedonians willingly and generously gave out of their “extreme poverty” to help the saints who were even worse off than themselves. I guess that I've finished making the trees to go in my Winter Village that I put in my family room. I say I guess because I seriously could just keep making more and more because they are so fun to do and the possibilities are endless. but I have run out of time and also room on top of the entertainment center! Before I made the trees. The Toledo Blade interviews the author, illustrator and film director Marjane Satrapi: “I read a lot and nothing was forbidden. The Boston Globe has an article about literary reworkings. ”Charlotte Brontë herself felt remiss about Bertha. We love to get our Verve inky around here. So pull up a chair and take a tour of some fun creations using Verve favorites. You are on the right track if you've arrived here from Amy's blog. The hop is kicking off on the Verve Blog, so be sure to head there to get all the details! This week there is also a contest going on at the Mojo Monday Blog. I used this week's sketch to help kick start my inspiration. The holidays are in full swing around here, and I'm adding to the holiday card stack whenever I can. First time I ever wrote anything for something other than school, first time I ever wrote just for my own fulfilment, so I like to read this short story about my Harare days, it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face, especially during nostalgic moments. A Writer is Born Looking back at the first day we met, it makes no sense to me how we came this far… Sundays were my days, to peruse the city looking for a quiet place to enjoy some peace and lose myself in a novel. Then I met him, it was a rather odd chance meeting which I think God creates randomly when He’s taking a break from listening in on His worshippers below Him praising Him on the Holy Day. Opposites attract but Likes repel, yet what my scientific left brain always accepted as some kind of truth would later choose me to believe otherwise. So I stumbled upon this art gallery, pleased to have found some kind of sanctuary for my Sunday afternoon reading. Fan BingbingTony Leung Ka FaiElaine Jin, Eric TsangDerek Tsang and girlfriend Venus Wongcourtesy of on. ccI AM NOT MADAME BOVARY received five Golden Horse nominations including Best Film, Director, and Actress. Director Feng Xiaogang led Fan Bingbing and the team to attend the Golden Horse red carpet night two nights ago. THE ROAD TO MANDALAY two nights ago was the Golden Horse Film Festival closing film, director Midi Z, actors Kai Ko Chen-Tung and Wu Kexi appeared together. The Golden Horse Best Actor nominee Ko Chen-Tung joked that he would wear the red underwear from when he was nominated for Best New Actor five years ago for added good luck. MAD's actress Kam Yin Ling, director Wong Chun, screen writer Florence Chan Cho Hang yesterday held a media tea in Taipei. Kam Yin Ling in the film played a mother who erupted into madness withou reason.

This week's JAMA featured a major article about addressing conflicts of interest that face physicians.

Health industry practices that create conflicts of interest: a policy proposal for academic medical centers.

g. Once again the financial world— especially investors— has been rocked by allegations and even criminal charges of lending rate manipulation within major financial institutions. And once again the numbers are big. ” Some of the most respected names in banking have been implicated. This webinar features two attorneys with deep experience in law and litigation involving securities and investments. Carol V.

Gilden, Esq.

, of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll will provide her perspective as counsel to investors, while Howard S. Get the look. They create one of the most amazing i-accesories and desks that you can imagine. New from the factory is the WindFall. A retail oriented, iPad stand that is designed to be used as a kick ass point of sale. More video from last night's season opener: Tonight I heard that tonight's volleyball match at A-C-GC was scrubbed due to the high heat and humid conditions. Apparently the main gymnasium floor at A-C-GC high school had condensation on it, and it was unfit to play on. It was a hot, sweaty night to say the least. Labels: bbe jaguars volleyball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa volleyball. I was able to get away for a couple of good camp/fishing trips the end of summer. It was nice to be able to relax and I actually caught a few fish. Before leaving home, I picked what okra was ready in the garden. Decided it would go good with my finger food fish meal. got the fire going and heated some oil in the pot for the okra. I had more okra than fish, so I started frying it first. Suppose to meet my friend to go church on previous Sunday morning, then go gym, then to friend office to help friend out, but then on Sunday morning, friend called up to said not feeling well, so we didn't go church and gym, but went to friend office to help out. I only took picture of my food as i do not want to take up the time for my friend to wait for me first before my friend tuck in the food my friend ordered. Well, the stores do it. have their Christmas and Halloween decorations up at the same time! So, I figure I can too. There are only two more weeks to go. This is really a fun project and I hope you are taking advantage of these darling patterns. You can make them up in no time. I figure if my fingers are busy stitching they are not reaching for a cookie! Tonight is Boo Night at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. I think being a farmer would be hard work. Sometimes just caring for our flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, small vegetable garden and all the other things we have growing can be tiresome. But the reward is amazing. My husband just decided to buy a blueberry shrub then realized that we need to buy one or two more because they're necessary for them to cross-pollinate. Ugh. But I know the kids are going to love eating the blueberries right off the plant like they do with our other fruit growing out in the yard. Everything is blooming and growing. My favorite time of the year is right around the corner. Spring. I think. See, it hasn't been just about the stash around here. Friday morning, I started my day with a call from my brother. Not pleasant. I haven't heard back from the bro OR the others, so I'm assuming that situation resolved. Friday afternoon during the Goob's nap was the discovery of the majority of the destruction in my stash, including the trashed Dale of Norway. The Goob finally got to bed at around ten-thirty. By the time we got to the Temple of Heaven, I was beginning to suffer from temple overload. You know the feeling. If you see one more cathedral, you will convert to Druidism. The temple itself is beautiful. This is the place where the emperor earned his fortune cookies. Like most pre-modern rulers, the emperor was a god in the eyes of his people. A specially video do-up for U. A great day is planned with amazing prizes, fantastic raffle, good food and time to catch up with friends. This is a continuation from yesterday on my take on the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter on Education.

Part Three: Parish Religious EducationThis section discusses the importance religious education, etc.

However, the important things, as I see it, are as follows:- Including learning objectives – what a student should know after a course of instruction. - The development of new materials to assist catechists in their work. Makes me wonder how much these materials will be aligned with what the Archbishop has written?Part Four: Overview of Catholic Schools. And talking about things Maori and I can understand the frustration by Ngati Whatua at the angst directed at them for closing off Okahu Bay last Saturday for an Iwi event. As I have already pointed out repeatedly over the years, these days all the clever Conservative swine are lining up at the trough for their slice of that very tasty, "I Wuz Right All Along!" dollar. Which is a very good dollar indeed. You have to time it juuuust right: hit the ground, spin around and immediately begin making a tidy profit denouncing the entire enterprise as a horrible thing. Or, as Mark Twain put it: "I joined the Confederacy, served for two weeks, deserted, and the South fell. rocks. How to do it: If it hasn't been done already, have the meat cutter cut off the bone and tie it back on for roasting. Cover with plastic wrap. I've found that any higher temp has a tendency to burn the garlic. Place roast in roasting pan bone side down and do not cover. Inspirational crystal quote of the day:“Respect is love in plain clothes. Remember this is January! Great beach day and perfect surf for beginners and amateurs alike. A touch of wind but not causing any disturbance on the glassy ocean surface. All we need is some new swell as size remains small but log-able none the less. CHANNEL: Shipstern knee crunchers that have shape yet lack size.

Lefts rolling across the Groin bar and cruise-able for the big longboard.

Deeper Channel bar and Seadrift showing very little and producing even less.

No that is not my plate. It's Dad's. I made Dal Makhani on a working day. It was my first time cooking it at home. My version is inspired by this Dal Makhani but I did not follow it exactly and Bee and Jai's advice of soaking the lentils in lots of water worked. Here is what I did based on my observation of how Punjabi women cook at home. Those steps that they follow makes the dish Maa-di-dal ! Humm the debate has already been done on Jugalbandi. Before going to bed I changed the water fearing it would get slimy till morning. That helped. The beans soaked well and stayed clean.

I used the Diamond Satin Rust ribbon for the bow from this assortment that can also be purchased separately from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store.

I made the bow with the awesome Zutter Bow It All bow maker and attached with Scor-Tape. Nancy HillReally Reasonable Ribbon Design Team. Bizarro is brought to you today by Good Advice. Here it is a few days after Xmas and I'm back at Bizarro International Headquarters overseeing production meetings, taking conference calls from Asia and beyond, scheduling power lunches with bigshots, and refusing to take Larry King's calls. It's great to be home. .