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I have other bikes as well, but for whatever reason, they weren't used much- or at all- all year this year.

I won't be doing these in any special order, so if I don't get to one you were wondering about, stay tuned. It looks like Wyeth has lost its battle to keep secret its practices regarding ghostwriting of scientific papers. The issue in question is whether ghostwriting contributed to excessive prescription of post-menopausal hormones and increased the incidence of breast cancer:Posted on Sun, Jul. - A federal judge has ordered the unsealing of thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the ghostwriting practices of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which is being sued over hormone-replacement drugs. U. S. District Judge Bill Wilson ordered the papers unsealed Friday at the request of a medical journal and the New York Times. Plaintiffs' attorneys presented the papers earlier at trial to show that Wyeth routinely hired medical-writing firms to ghostwrite articles that appeared in seemingly objective medical journals but included only the name of a scientific researcher as the author.


But I digress. Please surf on over to Nurse LinkUp to read my review of the latest celluloid salvo by Mr. Moore. Multiple social service agencies scramble for the measly dollars available to keep services afloat, house and feed some of the many homeless, care for the mentally ill, and deal with the soaring rates of HIV and drug addiction. The boards over the large windows behind my desk tell the continuing story of the damage done to property of agencies striving to improve the lives of the city's poorest and most disenfranchised inhabitants. Shattered windows still greet us regularly, and the owners of the building will not allow us to install bullet-proof glass. Thus, we have replaced more than half a dozen large windows in the last six months, a cost born by our already truncated budget. Today, returning to work after one sick day and another day at a conference, I was informed that the director of a central social service agency in our portion of the city was shot while sitting in her car in front of her office, talking to a coworker at the end of the day. I need several manly/boyish birthday cards for the rest of the year. Be sure to go by and see the wonderful fall place setting she has created. Okay, I promised to tell you all what I did with that dresser drawer that I refinished for last week's Frugal Friday. Well, I have a confession to make. The reason I didn't share it with you last Friday, was because I was second guessing my original intention. When I first decided to save this drawer from the trash heap, I thought that it would make a nice underbed box to store the Princess' huge collection of stuffed animals.

But after I saw how cute the drawer turned out, I began to question hiding it underneath a bed.

As these things sometimes work out, however, the drawer ended up being just a bit too tall to actually fit underneath the Princess' bed. So what did I decide to do with this little pretty? Well, I had many wonderful suggestions from my creative readers. I absolutely would have done this. I know that they have allowed for establishment of important standards on things like international aviation and maritime issues.

I know that the UN was instrumental in effectively stamping out smallpox globally.

I know they occasionally have been a positive force for stability in war-torn regions. But much more often they are a bunch of tiny tails trying to wag the big dogs for their own benefit. They are a global forum for propaganda and mind-control. It defies regulation. That will necessitate stiffening the rules and increasing the restrictions. That will lead to increased costs and barriers to trade. Universal Hobbies recently announced Nine New Farm replicas expected to arrive in August/September including four tractors and five farm implements. For your middle-of-the-week morning: the new She & Him video. Just ten things that I'm feeling rather enamored with this muggy Thursday evening. drhawass. When it rained heavily in Cairo last week, the rain began to wash away the sand and these remains began to appear on the surface. A group of people who are horse and camel drivers from the pyramids area found some of unused ammunition and brought it back to the Giza area.

We know that during the troubled times of the Revolution, some of these people who own horses and camels near the pyramids began to move into the Giza area, and they even began to use the ancient tombs as stables for their horses and camels! The police were not there to stop them, so they were able to do whatever they like.

Three of them brought the ammunition they had found in the desert and near Giza it detonated and injured the three men. there is no hidden treasure, there are no maps and x never marks the spot. We need to grow up. On only six days during the last three months did they lose money. Or both. Hey guys, it's another Miami update. I took these pics of Florent Serra at the Sony Ericsson open. I knew he'd be briefing and he definitely did not disappoint. There were eight of them added to the brflines site. Hope you all enjoy!. Volume in the market is really pathetic, which isn't surprising given that most people are abroad enjoying their holidays. Today all the agri stocks went up a lot. Wilmar, Golden agri and to a Indo agri shot up. I guess agri is the sector to focus on for this bull run, just as construction stocks were the darling around June/July period. Well, as the saying goes, every dog has its day. Ecowise announced their full year performance today. A couple of Bull Tub pictures for Chic. Are you mad at Google for fundraising for Inhofe? I know I am.

Just a quick post to show you my sewing failure from yesterday.

I was ready to sew the borders on these blocks and noticed that I had a bunch of white bits left over. Oops. And I thought I was in the zone!Can you see where one of the yellow "geese" is missing a background triangle? He was actually missing both triangles, but I was able to add the one in the corner without tearing the block apart. I really like the colors, so I'll need to try again. But not right now. I need to unearth my dining room table from a mountain of craft supplies so we can eat dinner there tomorrow!Have a Happy Thanksgiving!.

Look at this chair.

I saw this last spring at Antique Week up in Round Top. I have two chairs like this one, except that they have cane backs, the seats are covered in brown suede and the frame is in a pickled finish. They belonged to my parents. I thought about selling them, but I keep vacillating back and forth on that thought. I am afraid that if I sell them, I will end up regretting the decision. Now, although I really like the blue and white stripes on this chair, if I use them in the living room, I will have to use a red fabric. Folks. limited blogging for a time. of great relief to many I'm sure. I mailed a bunch of cards from all my classes/events this past few weeks.

Today we have a BO-Beautiful morning with the sun out and shining bright, cool temps and no wind.

Surf is small and smooth. There are still lefts and rights to be ridden. Everyone is on longboards. You will need your longest board today. "Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Texaco Test Fleet auto at Joe DiMaggio Grotto. Driver of Pontiac with restaurant manager Tom DiMaggio. ". Rimondi. - I linked to an article in the Saratogian the other day which quoted an Excelsior spokesperson named Howard Wolfson. But I was listening to a report on the radio today about Hillary Clinton apparently signaling her intention to run for president, and they played a quote from a Clinton spokesperson named Howard Wolfson. And I realized that that's where I remembered the name. Indeed, the Albany Times Union recently listed Wolfson as a "player" in, and the spokesperson for Excelsior. Clinton's circle of top advisers. He also assisted in executing the Democrats' assault on Republican held House seats in the November election, at times utilizing nasty negative advertising campaigns. Today's workout was deadlifts and more deadlifts. Unfortunately I hurt my back and I have been advised to lay off the deadlifts for a while. Now technically, if done correctly, your back shouldn't get hurt. That said, when doing multiple sets proper form can and with me, does, get away from you. This is actually a major bummer because I can do a pretty good job with the deadlifts. Anything that doesn't require a bar over my head or a squat is in my wheelhouse. I love having the ribbon on these as I no longer have a big mess on my work station. You can add what you need to them for a project, and it's all in one place, not scattered about your work space. hehehehe´╗┐ So we started with picking the bases out, and a dowel. Next I painted them white, and added some beautiful Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon, and Red┬áMini Ric Rac around the base. I am beginning to think that the answer to the question in the heading is no. Thinking about a article in the NEJM published at the time of the run up to the passage of Obamacare and who the authors are probably shaped my opinion. The article is not remarkable for its content. That could have been predicted from the names of the authors. What I find remarkable- but not unusual or atypical- is that one of the authors who is a principle in a venture capital firm that invests in health care businesses states that he has no conflicts of interest and that his business interest would not even possibly be conceived as such. .