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Below is a link to the "Tales of Beatrix Potter" performance at the Royal Opera House, by The Royal Ballet. The costumes are amazing!. It looks as though I'm going to be visiting Spain sometime early next year.

It occurred to me that a blog post might be one way of seeing if anyone was interested.

Some of my talks can be found online. I had very serious concerns about how well I'd manage with another couple, a baby and two dogs aboard. even if they were family, but Big Duck graciously swallowed the assemblage and associated necessities. We steered from inside, all closed up, to keep things cool and calm until we were settled and all systems were deemed satisfactory. I have a favorite beach. Read it here. Originally posted by Mark Naison on his blog: With A Brooklyn Accent Reposted with permission. Friends!! Everyone here is part of something truly historic. There have been incredible stories posted on this page, and the debate has been passionate, as well it should be, given the issues at stake. As we go forward, I would suggest folks keep a couple of things in mind.

First, that the Education Power Brokers know that we exist, and are worried.

Don't be deceived by the lack of mainstream media coverage. People in the US Dept of Education, in the big education lobbies, and at the top levels of the major teachers unions are talking about us. Keep recruiting!!! The bigger we get, the more chance we have of really shaking education discourse in this nation to its foundations. Second. Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first 'novel' when she was nine years old. She has since gone on to write over one hundred books, creating enduring characters such as the famous Tracy Beaker. Her books are loved and cherished by young readers all over the world, and have won numerous prizes including the Children's Book of the Year, the Smarties Medal and the Children's Book Award.

One of the promises made about healthcare IT is that your medical data is "safer" in electronic form than in paper form.

The Hurricane Katrina example of paper records being destroyed is often used as a poster example of the dangers of paper records. Excluding frequent reports of data confidentiality breaches, we also have this:Wall Street Journal, Oct. said Thursday that it has been able to recover the personal customer data lost from many of T-Mobile USA's Sidekick devices. The Redmond, Wash. This presentation offers a quick refresher on case law search basics as well as a number of research tips that highlight our advanced features. More:. The paper shall be at least three pages but not more than five pages excluding a citation page. The citation page is in addition to the page requirement listed above. Use APA citation style and format. Begin your paper with an overview of ADS-B. This will be your introductory paragraph. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Far Guy’s favorite is Silent Night.

My favorite has always been Little Drummer Boy the pa rum pum pum pum song.

I do not know all the words to the pa rum pum pum pum song. but it doesn’t matter I like it anyway. Templates: Quickpages: Alphas & Wordart: Kits & more:. We are sponsored this week by Pickled Potpourri. Thank you for sponsoring the challenge! Each challenge, we provide a cupcake to inspire you to create a card or other craft project following our suggested theme or colors. Happy Crafting! Debbie An InLinkz Link-up. Sadly we still live in a world where the color of your skin, the God you choose to worship or your sexual preference has led to acts of violence against people. My mother's side of the family is Polish and as a child I used to wonder why my Uncle Louie had a bunch of numbers tattooed on his arm. When I was deemed old enough, I was taught the story of the Holocaust and what price members of my family paid for being Jewish. I am no saint, for years I hated Arabs and followers of Islam as a whole because some of them hated the state of Israel. There are way too many people in the world who judge an entire people because of the acts of a few. Could it be. Many of them have wires sticking through the centers, and that's not gonna feel good against the skin. It's that time of year again!We're gearing up for the big day once again, preparing to join the efforts of the March of Dimes to raise awareness about prematurity, and to raise money to fund research targeted at preventing prematurity, and lessening the negative impact that it has on so many lives. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of others across the country, and internationally, who supported our efforts last year. I'd love to be able to raise even more this year. Please visit our WalkAmerica site at to donate in honor of Holland and Eden, to sign up as a walker for our team, or just to monitor how much money we have raised. The gap from Tuesday to now tells the tale. Not too bad. Wednesday is usually my stay-home-and-write-my-homily day. This week, I had the funeral in the morning, then to the office for about an hour, then up to Maria Stein for a get-together with other priests ordained in recent years. Well, parish business finds you wherever: up in Maria Stein, Ohio, cell-phone signals are pretty rare, but one got through to me long enough to tell me about a funeral for Monday. OK. Thursday. After the morning in Maria Stein, back to the office.

Several problems awaited me, which I took a couple of hours to resolve.

iraffiruse. My friend Maria takes beautiful photographs. One of those beautiful pictures was the inspiration for this card above made for Pals Paper Arts sketch challenge. Maria and I got together recently to talk about using her pictures as the focal point of cards. I made a quick sample for her which I have posted below. The photo is from her trip to Italy. I love the sepia tone of it! I trimmed her picture and just added some ribbon and a sentiment to create the bottom card. Wow! This is new! Sewing that is.

When I was growing up, I hated the idea of sewing.

Later, I came around and somehow interested in making clothes. I shared the idea with my hubby and surprisingly, he supported the idea and bought me a machine! YAY! It's beautiful. Interesting…And, yes this is a broken record, but I remain concerned about radio collars – I like looking at the data but really wonder if they are impacting the lives of these bears. There is such a massive weight gain and loss over the year that, well, I just don’t know… So, maybe these collars were designed to fall off this spring but the loss of three of four collars by August – whether this translates to bear mortality or not – seems a bit disconcerting. Oh, and it will reduce our carbon emissions, by displacing coal in electricity generators. Ecco il secondo disegno della serie 'Cartouche birds' , ho realizzato un puntaspilli inserendo il ricamo in un bicchierino di legno realizzato artigianalmente dal consorte di una mia amica americana. This's my second 'Cartouche birds' design serie. I finished it into a pincushion using a little wood cup hand made by my friend 's husband. It is a simple card using Citrus by DCWV. It is from a stash of paper from long ago. I am trying to use what I have, but then my wish list grows - lol! I paper pieced the cupcake and popped it up. Used stickles on flame, and added a little bling with Viva Decor Glitter liner. I hope you enjoyed my fun birthday card. Let me show you the way to the potting shed. Through the breezeway and out the stone path past the quiet garden with the duck guarding the succulents, we will make our way through some thick ginger and arrive at the potting shed. It's in it's own private space behind the garage and separated from the back yard with a fence. Here we are now.

If I should discover it's a female, I will rename her Gracie.

and as the seasons change, so do the desserts!Carrot Cake. nice and fresh Can't believe it!!. I have quite a collection of Liberty of London Fabric. Sadly none are large cuts, it's too pricey to buy much more than a yard, but that hasn't stopped my occasional splurge in adding a few more to my collection. It's the finest fabric I've every used, beautifully woven and impeccably designed. I'm using a little bit for for the Valentines Day Update. This pig is lucky enough to don a fine LL dress- and others have bits and pieces of the luxurious fabric too- Now, I'd like one in my size please. To see more Liberty of London Fabrics see their website. Domestically- Purl Soho has a very large selection. What is perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that Barth's theology is being readily received today as being friendly toward Reformed orthodoxy. Whatever the reasons for this, it is time to once again exercise discernment, as Van Til did. In addition, we would do well to read Barth, carefully and closely as Van Til did, seeking to understand truly the deep structures of his thought and their implications for Christian doctrine and life. And when we have done that, we must stand in witness and testimony to the self-attesting Christ of Scripture. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to In Pink, a fabulous site for amazing fashion jewelry. Open to U. S. and Canadian residents. Good luck, darlings!xoxox,CC. There's still plenty of time to play along with Reverse Confetti's February Sketch For You To Try. Here's our sketch: I watercolored some flowers from LOVE BLOOMS, stamped some leaves, and added a sentiment to the focal panel. The notebook edge was die-cut with OFFICE EDGES CONFETTI CUTS dies. STAMPS: LOVE BLOOMS CONFETTI CUTS DIES: LOVE BLOOMS, OFFICE EDGES PAPER: light green, white, and black card stock INK: Versafine Onyx Black, light green ink OTHER: clear embossing powder, paper clip, baker's twine, ribbon scrap doily, watercolors, gold mist, foam tape Thanks for stopping by!. My family is a special Sheera lover family, you have heard that before on this blog haven't you? We don't like the ordinary Sheera but we are nuts about Sheera with fruits, dry fruits different spicings and presentations. Its always a challenge to make Sheera appealing all the time. Last Saturday I made Apple Sheera and decorated it to please. The Ketchup kid behaved indiscreetly on Friday evening while we were at a friend's and that called for a scolding. It was going to be followed by a sulking for a few days I knew. Hence I went all out on a cooking frenzy over the weekend as that is what cheers him. It also helped that we had visitors all day on Sunday to change the mood that I expected to follow the Friday nights events. So here is a recipe to mend hearts. - I seem to have picked up a heckler, but I thought my pick in the first yesterday was pretty damn good. Unfortunately though, Cagey Girl couldn't quite hold on for the place spot, getting caught late and missing by about a half length. Yeah, bottom line is that it was a loser, but I put it in the 'nice try' category. Damn. This is a quick, easy and very tasty meal. I bet little kids will like it too. of sesame oil to a pan. Cook until browned and drain off any grease. of red pepper flakes. Add more if you want it to be spicy. Grigori in photos by Per Bernal. .