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Quite a satisfying afternoon today! Fitted a replacement LCD to my "never worked while I've had it" digital dash clock. Was a bit fiddly taking the unit apart and placing the new screen. At first there was no life after connecting it to the wire behind the dash, but the fuse had gone. replaced that and hey presto! Working digital dash clock at long last! Now to finish off the anti-roll bar!. we love to crack the whip!. I could burst into song in honour of September in its gentleness, golden light, Damien Rice's music, long walks, moonlight.

In no particular order.

Tekee mieli laulaa syyskuun lempeydelle, kultaiselle valolle, Damien Ricen musiikille, pitkille kävelylenkeille, kuutamolle. Satunnaisessa järjestyksessä. . Photography lets him explore people more in an intimate way. gravel crew is on top of the list of my favorite bike builders the colors they use, the materials, the parts, proportions,the bikes, the tires are just amazing all if it is on such a high standard. Spent a fascinating day on Thursday with early years staff from an inner London borough at their conference on Inclusion. I can hardly remember, now, the "old days" when early years conferences were usually held in smelly old halls and you brought your own lunch or got something dreadful from the canteen. A couple of other things I noticed. Eat all you can buffet lunch, this guy says to his friend "you can't have the spicy chicken, the beef and the lasagne.

" But he could.

The usual hotel conference freebies were swept into bags and handbags, too - handfuls of biros, a little bowl of mints, whatever was there. The conference began with Richard Rieser from Disability Equality in Education. And since I've worked with children with pretty much all levels of disability now in mainstream early years settings, I am persuaded that no child should be excluded from her or his local nursery. A bit of belief, open-ness, adaptability, refusal to get downhearted is mainly what it takes to include any child. The namesake for MISD new intermediate school, Mr. Asa E.

Low Jr.

had an opportunity to tour the campus that bears his name. Mr. Low and a few family members were guided by Mr. Jason Short, the school's principal. Asa E. Low Jr. Visit the photo gallery. Documentation panels are great for so many different purposes, but it can be really difficult to find enough space to display all of them and your students' artwork, especially when you don't have a ton of wall space in the classroom. If you want even more ideas, be sure to check out my Project Documentation Pinboard. A documentation notebook from Prepare to Play Photo Carousel Embroidery hoop mobile from Natalme Really this post could go on for quite a while, I've got quite a collection! I'll end it here, but be sure to follow my Documentation Board to see all of the new ideas that I'm constantly pinning!. These are mostly from Better Homes and Gardens. What a cute and inexpensive idea. Pretty little tins with glass handles. Love 'em. Yummy red velvet cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Put all those stencils to use!Record deal.

Thought you might want to see how some of our cats are doing with their exciting new outdoor jail enclosure. Here's Julius, suffering. Here's Emily in agony. Oh how they suffer! Torture. Abuse. Degradation. And now, back to our Mexico trip. After a few days in Mexico City, we went off on a six-hour luxury bus journey to Oaxaca.

On Mexican luxury buses, they encourage relaxation.

The seats recline into the lap of the person behind you! "Ssssh! Please! People relaxing!" We got some dirty looks when we started chatting to our friends Anne and Andrew in the seats across from us. After that it was all stage whispers.

We drove through some beautiful mountains and desert on the highway between Mexico City and Oaxaca.

When we got to Oaxaca, we checked into the Los Pilares Hostal. No JKC at B-B-E today.

It's not good out there.

They have a terrible track record of doing this after children have left for school or with little notice.

Mid-Day Update: Our friends at the IIHF sent us a press release of a meeting held involving the NHL, NHLPA and the members of the IIHF.

The IIHF, the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association met in Zurich on Thursday to discuss issues relating to player transfers and the international hockey agenda, including the Olympic Winter Games, the IIHF World Championships, the Victoria Cup and the World Cup of Hockey. All parties involved, including the federations and leagues from Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland, agreed to mutually respect the players’ contractual obligations during the current situation where the IIHF and the NHL are without a Player Transfer Agreement. Also USA Hockey took part in the meeting. A working joint working group was established which will have the mandate to draft a document that will specify the terms of such an agreement, including the handling of possible disagreements regarding the validity of contracts. An ode to our favorite top of the week! We know that the Devon top with our signature slashed big pocket on the front has been a favorite amongst all of you.

The Tory Devon is our most-coveted item of the week, as it packs the elegance and cool vibe of the Devon with a twist on the pocket design.

Instead of the signature slashed pocket design, it has two patched pockets sewn on the front. We have to admit, we are crazy for this two-tone color-blocking design! Get Tory Devon at our webstore now! . zero mentalityOne of my favorite NYC hardcore/punk bands ever. A great buzzing guitar sound with hard hitting, and controversial lyrics push this hard to find, and VERY rare ep over the edge. The band has achieved a cult like status amongst punk rock record nerds world wide. Covered Sugar Bowl. Long before we heard of Revoltech, Bandai had already spare a thought for Patlabor fans. Bandai is such a household name for toys supporting Macross, Gundam and Patlabor and they have never fail to bring us top quality toys. Really! Don't be mistaken that I am a salesman from Bandai!This 'Labor in Action' was introduced along with 'Mobile Suit in Action' and it was just released with limited pieces. It is rather difficult to find one such as this nowadays. Hail to Bandai!. Quite how and when I transmogrified from being John to Ben is lost somewhere in the wreckage of my teenage years.

It just happened and stuck.

Now being called John actually bugs me, it implies an intimacy which is instantly undermined by not knowing that everyone calls me Ben. Others are not so fortunate in their moniker. Having another strange teenage conversation in the workshops, he suddenly made us pause by asking, "how many holes do women have. ?" As we were all ferociously macho and equally inexperienced, this lead to a long pause. I leapt in, hoping for the best. I know the drill already, ok? So you don't need to tell me. "They're just boys. " "It's only things. Be glad it's not their necks. " "It sounds like they need to learn responsibility and self-discipline. The problem is that my boys have the size and strength of grown men with the exuberance of little boys. Hello there!!!! How are you? I can see you very busy for THANKSGIVING!!!!I would like to give thanks as well to all of you my dearest followers, shops owners , stitchers. It's so wonderfull to be so close to you. Stitching is like a soft thread who keeps us all together and I thank for that. Today I want to update my blog with these pictures, I know you liked my crochet handle scissors, they were sold out in a minute!!! So here there are more for you. These lovely scissors stork are available now on my website please visit hereHAPPY THANKSGIVING Keep on Stitching xxx NIKY. Hello my dear friends, as I promised you here some news. I'm so happy to start in showing you HARVEST BLOCK SAMPLER. Indeed a very sweet sampler that I stitched in one piece but you can easly stitch it separately creating lovely finishing. How about a cover of a box or little pincushions or needlecases. Soft colors and little designs easy and quick to make. Inizio con HARVEST BLOCK SAMPLER. Un delizioso disegno che ho ricamato tutto in uno ma che certamente potrete ricamare separatamente creando simpatici manufatti tipo porta aghi o puntaspilli,io ci vedrei anche il coperchio di una bella scatola porta cucito. There are some new DVDs in town filled with some pretty impressive instructors displaying their techniques. I am happy to be sharing "tape-time" with people like Dina Wakley, Pam Carriker, Mary Beth Shaw, Quinn McDonald, Gina Rossi Armfield, Kristen Robinson and more. My technique focuses on using gesso to create textured backgrounds and making acrylic glazes to add layers of transparent color. "Hosted by Amy Jones, this instructive video gives you safe place to play with what you know, and what you want to try. From using acrylics to conte crayons, textured items to old photographs, you are in control of your artistic choices. Hello all! Just thought I'd give you a quick update on what's been happening at the Burdorf house. BASEBALL! The season is officially underway and Aaron has been having practice for the past two and a half weeks. He has a lot of young talent, so the guys should get a lot of good experience. His first games will be on Memorial Day and we're very excited to start games. Graduation frenzy! I have been swamped at work lately with all the last minute graduation stuff that people want for their open houses. It's amazing how much people procrastinate! However, I do enjoy designing different collages for people to display. According to Mr. Speaking of which, a similar unveiling has occurred with the right’s defining radio personality, Rush Limbaugh. It is difficult to overestimate Limbaugh’s influence on two generations of intensely loyal listeners. Buckley. Some thoughts on this historic "Saturday After".

And this is where there is so much misinformation out there, it's sickening.

I'll be clear - you can't micro-manage this business. I've worked with a number of engineers and analysts who simply can't see the big picture and only care about looking at their statistics. Those few that do succeed do so not because of their skill at gathering and analyzing stats, but in spite of it.

I had an incredible array of statistics.

Bring deep, medium-sized, and round oven dish. Place the sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, paprika and chili in the bottom of the dish. Peel the potatoes then cut it into slices. Form kofta into meatballs then make it like small hamburgers. Another idea from Pinterest. novelty snowman "poop". Now who wouldn't appreciate this little gift in their Christmas stocking? Well, perhaps the squeamish among us or those who don't care for peppermint would find it hard to appreciate, but I'm sure everyone else would get a kick out of it! If you're wondering, the little poem inside the cover reads: Heard you've been naughty So here's the scoop - All you get for Christmas Is Snowman Poop. I tried to tap into Dr. Cahill's research on emotional memories in my last post, but here are the notes I took during his keynote at Learning and the Brain conference in San Francisco, which also addresses gender, hormones, and brain hemispheres.

Some of my notes are in my own words and some phrases are Dr.


I apologize for not quoting well here.

And, emotion disproportionately sculpts the brain. Throughout the building process, perceptions are created. It works together with stress hormone response: during and after events, feeds information back to brain. THIS FRIDAY. I believe that could be a good time-frame for the liberation of Mosul. Once we have Mosul. does that mean we have the RV? No. .