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Here is another way. This time it is a prayer for the Christians at Philippi. The week we were having the house painted, I headed for the hills to be out of the house. Wendy is an amazingly talented woman - educated at Pratt Institute in NYC, she has designed children's clothing, decorated a plethora of local homes and now uses her talent to create award winning watercolors and collages. In the early years, when Wendy was occupied decorating houses, they bought a lot of art and I vividly remember when they brought home, "The Chair", or at least that is what I called it. The State of the Arts interviews Brontë Society Operations and Development Manager Matthew Withey about the bicentenary activities. TSOTA: What is your role? MW: My title is Operations and Development Manager. I sit at the centre of our planning for programming and events. TSOTA: Can you describe the relationship between the Brontë Society and the Parsonage? MW: The Brontë Society own the museum and the staff are their employees, but are seen as having the skills to put together a programme for our membership. We’ve got a really good team working to put together an exciting programme for the bicentenaries over the next five years. TSOTA: More than most writers, we see the Brontës as rooted in their place. Is it important for the Society to have a base right at the heart of that place? MW: I’m biased because I work here and I’m looking out across the moors. I don’t believe in ghosts, but there’s a definite sense of presence. I can honestly and in fact, with great vigor, opine I would not have wanted to use a tool like this when I was working in intensive care units. You work in a nightclub, in coat check. The club is three stories, and well drinks are twelve dollars. This is in Manhattan, right near the Williamsburg Bridge. The coat check is on the top floor, which is closed in by a glass ceiling. The lights on the bridge look like they are there specifically to impress all the girls in their tight neon dresses and all the boys in their polo shirts, as they get fucked up on bottle service and molly and sing along to that Jay-Z song. The coat check job is three nights a week, Thursday through Saturday. You make more in a night at this job than you do in two weeks at your “real” job, which is adjuncting English. Get the look: + Ray-Ban Matte Aviator Sunglasses + Sole Society Plaid Print Scarf + Soft Joie Madilyn Sweater In Black + James Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jeans + Salvatore Ferragamo Bow Pumps. I asked my Father the other day if he had been to Annandale to see the church that his Grandfather built. He has not been there. I have not been there. This photo is from Verniel. I have it on my list of things to do this summer…. along with many other things to do. Here is Isak and Margaretta’s story. For a quick recap they both came from Finland and settled in French Lake Minnesota. According to my Dad Isak got Typhoid Fever and stayed with Margaretta’s family while he was sick and recuperating. Templates: & more:. so enjoy! Lol! First up, The Painted Hive shared her to-die-for home office. Sweet Parrish Place shared her Brown Paper Bag hallway floor. Her version looks like stained concrete and I love it! Finally, Craftiments shared her adorable "picket fence" summer mantel. It makes me want to go to the beach! Now it's your turn!You know "da rules". Deckboss expects we'll soon hear from the governor's office on appointments to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors. The board normally has seven members, with processors holding five seats and fishermen two. One seat currently is vacant, due to Dennis Guhlke's exit as chief executive of Icicle Seafoods Inc. in February. During our travels filming new "Painting and Travel" espisodes for PBS we had the opportunity to visit the Jack Richeson & Co. in Appleton, Wisconsin. They make a large line of fine artist materials including easels, stretchers, and paints. Here's a video we shot showing how oil paints are made. Brownie spends much of her day sitting on our front wall. Some people have marble lions, some stone gargoyles, we have a small, fuzzy brown cat.

who, as you see below, gets tired very quickly.

Not much quilty to write about today. Yesterday I had some MS problems with my leg which left me gimping and grouchy. The senator said he changed his stance because he learned his son has a same-sex attraction. Go check out Father Bedel's new blog. thefuzzydave. sparkleholethess. Follow my blog with Bloglovin. "Never think you've seen the last of anything. I created a colorful background using alcohol inks, alcohol blending solution, and blending tools on gloss paper. Finally, I finished it up with these super cool Girlfriends which I colored with Copic markers.

TGIF everyone! Hope y'all are looking forward to the long holiday weekend and the winding down of summer.

Summer just flew by despite my whining about the oppressive heat. Seems just like yesterday that David and I celebrated the Fourth of July up in Austin. I know that everyone says this, but summer really does seem to rush by faster and faster each year. Remember when we were kids and summer lasted so much longer? I just looked into my closet and surveyed all the summer clothes that I love. I will get to wear them longer because it really doesn't cool off here until November, yet somehow I feel like I need to make the transition to autumn colors instead of all my pink. I am a Lilly Pulitzer fan and I have lots of pink and green in my closet. I am looking at my white "Jacks" too. David graciously featured an interview with me in one of the segments, and at one point he asked me to give a thumbnail sketch of what I would be speaking on later in the day. Should we expect Him to reveal fresh prophecies through intuitive impulses, voices in our heads, and other means of private revelation? I said no, nothing in Scripture instructs us to seek that kind of guidance. That's more or less what I said in answer to David Wheaton's question about how the Holy Spirit guides us. Here's what the message said:I was just listening to an interview with you on local Christian radio. It seems you have elevated that which is written above the mystery of Christ hidden in us. Today I would like to introduce you to Natasha As a longtime reader of this blog I am looking out every day for a new post. So, time to return something to the blog and participate in the Reader Under the Spotlight series. I am working as a assistant shop-manager in a small chain of shops. In my spare time I am studying Management Science. I like reading, writing, cooking, baking and gardening. Have a great Friday!. Thanks to generosity of the folks at Subterranean Press, our winner will receive a copy of the limited edition of Glen Cook's Winter's Dream. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe, and Subpress. The winner is: Alireza Morshedian, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Many thanks to all the participants!. shortly after Europe and the U. S. That didn't sit too well with me. "Flesh May Wither. More meaty action, including a cool and creepy basilisk-type monster is layered in there, too. And the inks, natch, are by Rudy Nebres. Basing a blatant hit piece on an unverified forum thread started by someone hiding behind a code name is not remotely responsible, let alone respectful. It's a cheap shot. In case you didn't know, that's how Fast and Furious initially got exposed, along with plenty more threads to be pulled. I regret now that I did not think of that at the time I posted. If it is a lie, I'd think Mr. Amselle's lawyer would be demanding one from 'Gunwritr,' because that his livelihood that's being impacted. If it's true, can you? And it's not like this and this don't strongly suggest corroboration.

View from the upper level walk way.

On top is Shree Gopal Krishna Idol and on the ground level is the Shree Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Samadhi. In the cellar is located the Dhyan Mandir. I will post another picture in the evening if I make it for the Darshan. Dans le domaine de la protection de l'environnement il en est ainsi aussi. Personne n'est "pour" la pollution. Interesting that they are keeping that quiet. HmmmSthTxSam: here is the procedural vote. .