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GREAT VIEW: Afton Canyon is the one place you can see the Mojave River above ground all year long. ” Others simply call it Afton Canyon. And it’s the only place where the Mojave River flows above ground all year long. The canyon’s surface water makes it unique in the Southern California desert. Known for its dramatic geological formations, Afton is an ideal location for bird and wildlife viewing.

The area is also popular for hiking, hunting, camping, rock hounding, horseback riding and vehicle touring.

Wildlife viewing is best during early morning and evening hours. Here's a variation of the base game rolled up sleeve sweater turned into a Henley. The package files are separate for those who might want just the solid variation. However, the patterned version is an add-on to the solid variation, so you more than likely need that package for the patterns to show up. Crafted of hand-painted resin. Now sporting a set of faded number and logo transfers from Precision Labels, this Hornby 'Tug' really looks the part.

The vibrant livery has been toned down with a dark grey filter coat, followed by dark washes added to all the recesses and seams.

Airbrushed enamels then finished the weathering, giving the loco a more authentic look. . S&S Cycles, CamTech Wimmer Performance, Freedom Performance, Roland Sands Design, Cycle Sounds, Feuling Parts. Yearn: Glimpses of Moments of Longing - A Poem And I want to. And I just want You to know that there is absolutely nothing and no one in the universe who could ever take Your place in my heart. More:. Please note that this training is open only to attorneys from major law firms. U Nonimmigrant status is offered to a victim of certain crimes, like domestic violence and rape, who cooperates in the investigation or prosecution of her attacker. A grant of U Nonimmigrant status allows an immigrant and her derivative family members to work and live lawfully in the United States, and creates a pathway to their being able to obtain lawful permanent resident status. It also allows a derivative family member residing abroad to enter the United States lawfully to be reunited with the crime victim. Procedural and substantive aspects of filing a request for U Nonimmigrant status with immigration authorities will be discussed in detail. Training manuals and sample documents will be provided at the training. Attorneys attending the training will be assigned a case, which may involve representing a crime victim and multiple derivatives, normally her children, for pro bono representation. Racism is not a thing of the past. Discrimination is still a fact of life for many people of color and immigrants, especially in housing, employment and education. Being able to talk about race and racism openly is a first step in being able to address it during the practice of law and the administration of justice. This course is designed to address the next step, which is the "white privilege" factor when openly discussing how racism affects attorneys in their practices and their legal justice system as a whole. They both were confident about the film's box office. Wong Jing said that screenings have been held in the Mainland earlier and the response was decent. You are a middle-aged man with poorly-controlled diabetes. You inject heroin and cocaine periodically. Since your veins are shot, you often inject using a technique called "skin popping" wherein you inject under the skin rather than intravenously, sometimes developing infected abscesses in your arms that have to be surgically debrided. I'm worried that you may lose your leg or die from an infection. I have the visiting nurses see you every day to dress your wounds and administer your medications and insulin. As far as the open wounds, I now have you connected at the Wound Clinic. Since transportation is an issue, I actually pick you up and take you personally to your appointments so that your treatment is expedited.

I also serve as translator.

A Big Pine Key man was arrested Wednesday after he battered his girlfriend in front of witnesses at the Circle K store on Big Coppitt Key. m. When Deputy Freddy Rodriguez and Detective Dave Chavka arrived, Thorson was on his motorcycle trying to leave the area. Two people – a man and a woman – were holding him and not allowing him to leave. The officers ordered him to get off the bike, but he refused, instead trying to flee. Deputy Rodriguez used his Taser to stun Thorson, who then dropped his bike. Thorson was able to flee on foot, however, and jumped into the water in an attempt to get away. He finally exited the water and was taken into custody. It's just that it's hard to get Japanese to be as flowery as English can be at times, and I'd always loved the Japanese translations of Hartman's lines. Figured I might as well do a post on it. English Japanese subtitles Translation of Japanese subtitles The first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be "sir"! 口でクソたれる前と後に“サー”と言え! Say "sir" before and after each time you let shit dribble out of your mouths! I can't hear you, sound off like you got a pair! 大声だせ!タマ落としたか! Sound off louder! Did you drop your balls!? If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training. you will be a weapon, you will be a minister of death, praying for war. But until that day you are pukes! You're the lowest form of life on Earth.

This EV-W defender missed.

Each living space features stunning mountain views, creating a beautiful and dramatic living environment.

via. Love this idea! More after the jump. Next, this extremely clever hair-styling tool storage solution shared by While He Was Napping. Genius, I tell ya! And here's a great tutorial on how you can create your own lovely stencilled floors linked up by Kammy's Korner.

And finally, I always love a good furniture redo.

So I simply had to share this lovely dresser linked up by Zu Haus at Home. Now it's your turn! You know "da rules". I have a couple cute things to show you today. Yvonne Banning made this darling monkey quilt for her granddaughter. This is a close up of the quilt.

I love this pattern.

It is from the book Polka Dot Kids Quilts by That Patchwork Place. The pattern is Nap Time Monkey. Someone is going to be thrilled snuggling up with this darling quilt! Sharon Brown made these cute ornaments and small gift. Kun on saanut hetken olla ihan rauhassa, niin taas uudet ajatukset alkavat pyöriä päässä. Viime viikolla jotain piti kutoa ja kun en jaksanut ajatella mitään uutta, tein pilkkulapaset kahdella värillä, lampaanmustalla ja tummanharmaalla, mutta ehkä tämä on nyt alku jollekin moniväriselle uudelle helpolle lapaselle. Sunnuntaina sitten aloin jo tehdä seuraavia lapasia, jotka näkyvät puikoilla kuvassa. Malli on äitini joitakin vuosia sitten piirtämä, työnimenä on ollut Kuusikko ja värit ovat vielä hakusessa. Teen varmaan muutamia eri versioita eri väreillä, mutta tästä tulee tarvikepaketti lähiaikoina. One of my favorite birds. Lots of great photos at the link, including this one of bee-eaters by Kit Day:. This is the photograph that will appear on CNN when I am abducted by Islamic terrorists. That is the test I use whenever I sit for a passport or visa photograph. I will admit to a bit of the same vanity.

It has been years since I heard that.

For obvious reasons. This photograph is the one I chose for my Red China visa. My brother and I had a hearty laugh about it. But there is a method in my madness. AND MADE IT MY LAP TOP STATION. Now I have a little more space for something else in my bedroom.

Below are pictures of the results.

Hey guys, update for the day is of Nicolas Mahut. I added two pics of him to the brflines site.


Observation: The Psalmist saw God as the one who brought His people out of every distressing situation. He actually believes God caused men to ride over their heads, BUT he says, God brought us out into a wealth place. He doesn't negate the fact that they went through some really difficult times, but gives God praise because God did bring them out and into a wealthy place. Application: I feel like I have been through fire and water and like people have ridden over my head at times. I am looking for God to bring me into a wealthy place.

I do believe that God blesses His people and does cause His people to prosper.

I am looking for God to bring me into a wealthy place. Prayer: Father, I thank you for the multitude of Your blessings in the past several months. You have brought us through some very difficult times and have worked miraculously on my behalf. It is getting really tough again and I sincerely ask You to bring me, my family, and my church into a wealthy place. Let my family be debt free this year. We are so excited for friends Murphy & Jenny, who just opened Barefoot B-B-Q in Seaside. This is not your typical barbeque joint. See their menu here. Go check 'em out soon and hang with some of your favorite locals. We've been twice since they opened Wednesday and loved catching up with people like Tommy & Gigi Brantley. Of the number of DC Opportunity Scholarship participants, I wonder what is the percentage of students who graduate high school. Another reason why DC Opportunity Scholarships are needed. Although he told this story with a good-natured bemusement, I couldn’t help but think his clement attitude was hard won through years of therapy, for it seems one day when he was little his mother told him they were going to the circus when, in actuality, she took him to the hospital where she dropped him off to have his tonsils removed. She had the cheek to actually describe him as “a bit peeved” when she came to collect him the next day. Well, I guess he was. Strange how I can’t get Mrs. Scorsese out of my head on this early morning, the first day of school. I follow the buses - a interminable line of fat yellow bumblebees transporting shiny new students to the halls of learning. Shamsul Alamin Real Estate Ltd. sarebd. Attractive remuneration package would be offered to the successful candidates. Oh My ! Love, Love, Love. Note to Jerry Collins: when giving the cops a bullshit story, you have to consider how plausible it is. For instance, if you're living in what is by a long way the safest country in the OECD and you're a foot taller than most of the locals, the police may doubt your claim to be carrying a big knife for "self defence. ". So another crazy day in the life of me and mine. The children are stubborn, especially Ra lately, oye friggin' vay! T had his things to do and now is off doing it, being its that time of the year again. So as the children were being insane I decided to make a pair of mittens from Selbuvotter, I know I was supposed to be working on the socks.

But I need something small and quick, so I'm making toddler mittens for one of my nieces, probably the youngest, since I still owe her a pair of mittens.

I'm having a great time stranding I hope they work out, I may make multiple pairs for all the little ones, nieces first. Well I'm going to go back to working on the mittens, and tomorrow I'm going to listen to L&V again, because the children totally upsetted my listening today. Shutterfly has many, many holiday card designs to choose from. ” The hardest part is deciding which design to use. One option is to create holiday story cards. I like how this one is modern and bright. Bright Blooming Christmas Tree This one reminds me of scrapbooking paper, so naturally I am drawn to it. Sweet and Merry ChristmasThis is cute and it allows me to use four pictures since it is sometimes hard to narrow down my photo picks. I just happened to reread "The Depravity of Empire," an essay I wrote in late September of last year. I don't think I've ever reread it in its entirety until this evening. I had just excerpted a newspaper article describing the Senate's approval of "a resolution. Fears of an Islamic State spring offensive subsided the third week of April. The number of incidents and casualties both went down after a two-month spike. On the other hand, the government was still marching through Anbar. After a two month rise in violence, it decreased the third week of April. Whatever will we do in July when we lose Soft Sky to the Stampin' Up graveyard? I shudder to think. The Sage Shadow background is stamped in white craft ink using the Stitched background, and the Soft Sky background is stamped in white with the Polka Dot background. To add a little texture, I used the crop-a-dile to emboss over each dot on the Soft Sky background piece. I've found that I need to use a really light touch when doing this or it leaves small wrinkles and creases on the card stock. I used glue dots to secure the bookplate to the background, so that I could add two decorative half pearls from the Pretties kit in place of the usual brads. The bottom flower from the Pretties kit is lightly dyed with Soft Sky using a reinker and aqua painter. See, more black and red plaid! the lumberjack -cool is now a very hot trend. I love the little moccasin boots too, and the hair and peacock earrings, all very consistent. OK, so I should know this last guy's name but it's eluded me. .