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'Four meet ups in nine weeks.

Yes my Filofax has been earning its keep these last few days with so many things going on. I managed to get a scanner so watch this space for a few old pics and an episode of "All Our Yesterdays". So while in Fleetwood I trotted on down to Rossall to try my luck on the beach. No need for captions here, just well known birds in their environment and a change from birds in the hand. More than one person has said to me in the past "You can't be a ringer and a birder".

I beg to differ.

Ok, so this weekend I decided to follow some signs that took me to a neighboring town and look what I found. Isn't this a sweet little shop. Now, from the outside you'd never know that it was filled with all this good stuff. See the huge counter above. just love that! Love these creamy white vases. So much fun this set. I was looking for other uses of this set- less the good morning sunshine paper. its the cards showing throughvery time consuming to cut everything out. The clouds are made with this techniqueStamps: Cheep TalkPaper: So Saffron, Gable green, Tangering Tango, creamy caramelInk: Matching plus ruby red, not quite navy, close to cocoa and old olive. The dead-tree copy provides shaded squares rather than circles for the second half of each entry. Ahhhhhh, it is amazing to be home in Crofton once again.

Etc…THE USUAL… Pretty soon, we had found each other on FB, and are sure to be fast summer friends.

There are two drinking establishments in my town…One I get to play music at, and the other, I have been to only once. I will blame my brother for this story…But now at least I can mention it aloud, as my story did not even slightly ruffle my new 'Mommy-Friend'. Infact, I still drive the long way around the bar, just incase any locals look out and SENSE I am in the area.

I tried really hard to stay true to the original intent of a progression of ease.

The first page is significantly easier than than the last page. Now perhaps it's just my kids, but my kids find rational exponent equations a lot easier than radical ones so I put those last. If you need a reminder on instructions, please see the previous post. Remember, it's important to have the documents color coded so that you can post the add em up totals on the board labeled by their level of difficulty. m. Tell your friends, tell your family, call your favorite news channel, wear it on your T-shirt. It's ON, suckers. Jury duty day. I did make it to the first draft, but, I wasn't one of the few picked for the trial. It was a simple DUI case. They pick double what they need, question one and all, then choose their jury. I am good for two years now though. Managed to get home by eleven, so it was an interesting day. New grill is great. .