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Circular wall painting by Jason Woodside. Photo by I. Peterson. One of my favorite wave count charts. Despite the up day, market internals were a bit negative.

I keep thinking about the current financial situation of the world.

Short interest on the EURO is growing big time. Yet I am not sure how much that matters at this stage.

It may be early.

High School Sweethearts. We were young. Statistics were not on our side, we beat the odds. Those first years were hard, but we had many good times together as a young couple before we had children. Children change your dynamic as a couple, there is no more I or we…it is the children, the us… a family…a team. Here's a rare throwback photo of Mary-Kate Olsen with a bold lashes and nude lips. Get the look: + MUFE Artist Shadow In Onyx + Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara + Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes In Scarlett + NARS Pure Matte Lipstick In Madere. Not legal type trials…flower trials. Horticulture plots. Usually these are open to the public… as was the one in Grand Rapids on the campus of the University of Minnesota. It is called the North Central Research and Outreach Center. A lovely place to stop and see how the Mums are doing! Centerpiece Peach Some of the Mums looked a bit ragged…but these were winners in my book. Lindy The trial gardens The whole idea behind these gardens is to see what grows and flowers the best in Minnesota conditions.

Sometimes Odda gives us a bit of a scare…she is big and black and kinda looks like a bear if she is running.

Sometimes she shows up when I am in the kitchen…having a dog her size right outside the window at your eye level can be a tad frightening. I think she looks inside to see if we are home. She lives a half mile away. If something scares her…like a gunshot… she takes off from her home and shows up at our place. Odda is a Bernese Mountain Dog or Berner She has known us from when she was a puppy. She is gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yesterday she was waiting for us when we got back from running errands. She and Chance played for a bit, she wanted to go INSIDE…no Odda you have to go home girl. She loads easy in the back of the car. We're getting all set for the love-making experience that will be our newly governmentalized healthchare system. You can't help but recall the rhetoric about "bending the cost curve" and getting so much more done for so much less.

It's going to be the absolute epitome of bureaucratic efficiency on display.

We can only wonder if we will get kissed during the process. That's why this is so illustrative of what we can expect:The Decennial ExperienceThe Constitution mandates it, but it only happens every ten years. You would think that the intervening period would allow for the whiz-kids of government to hone their skills and oil up their system. I was going to make myself a new header for the top of my blog page. I found a cool scary typeface. Creepville. I did this drawing to be a part of it. After I put it together I didn't like it so much. It seemed like a better idea in my head. The drawing came out cool so I'll post for everyone to see. The car rolls around with ease and features a removable back seat and opening doors and tailgate. It also includes light and sound elements.

Untitled by beesting.

It's really an obnoxious process. I mean, it works, but the attention to detail is ridiculous. And I find myself wondering, how is it I'm sitting there, turning that little swatch into a work of art, and then turn around and knit other stuff with no gauge swatch at all?I washed the Baby Surprise Jacket last night, and the yarn relaxed, and, well, I laughed and laughed. The jacket's now big enough to fit the baby on through to high school, I suspect. The whole thing was an experiment, so I don't care. It's drying, I'll put buttons on it, wrap her in it, and roll the sleeves up. It really doesn't matter to me. This is the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. Back in March I treated myself to a Brooks saddle on the new bike. There is a considerable amount of advice around on how to treat a leather saddle. Not all of it is consistent. This is my experience. Even before sitting on it, the first impression was that it was very hard. You can knock on it, like a piece of wood. The big difference on the first ride was that it seemed very slippy. The other day, on my way to cross the bridge, I noticed something sad. Twiropa was being leveled. There's nothing there but rubble. Oddly, I see that their website is still up and running, like the Flying Dutchman. A while back, I wrote to you about a bill which passed the DC Council. For more, go to The Cardinal Newman Society: PS: I wonder if we will see anything about this in the Catholic Standard.

Picked this little zucchini out of the garden this morning and set it on a stump by my coffee mug and a tin of saddle soap.

I liked the kismet of colors and objects and took a snapshot to share here. They say horse, garden, and home to me. Circus bearing two infants Shannon and Becky Loter's little girl. It kills it. But that’s the whole objective of the Global Warming scam. Kill the scientific method, replace it with ideology backed by bogus numbers that you won’t release until someone leaks them, and lies upon lies, covered up by bans. This is what’s left of science. There’s no debating allowed. Hunger Games and Climate GamesThe children are being indoctrinated in a scientifically meaningless ritual of minding their tiny carbon footprints. Three main spotlights on this AFS. Roger Pielke Jr in the EPW hearing pretty much disabused the congress of that idea by presenting the facts that showed there were no trends in any of these although don’t expect the media to get it. You see extremes gets eyeballs and sells newspapers or used to. So they have moved onto the Trenberth’s ‘Where’s Waldo’ idea that the heat somehow is hiding in the deep oceans and if nothing else this threatens sea life and coral and fisheries and will eventually reemerge to destroy life as we know it. happy mother's day to all the special moms out there. just in case you need some motivation. mine was knowing that my husband was running while i tried to sleep longer in bed. it hurt but it's done. Mini Thunder God paper toy created by Gus Santome. Alex, Jamie and Opa watching Octonauts. Happy second birthday to my beautiful grand-nephew, Johnathan! I'm really savouring the last cool nights and warm days before summer turns up the heat. There is a lot to be done here. I'm finishing off my last book but there is also my daily housework so I generally settle into writing after that is done. I hope your home life is bubbling along nicely. I'll see you again next week. And I was soooo happy to find enough of the green fabric from the collection on Etsy to buy for the background!! I really love it when Carrie uses the leftover fabric bits for a scrappy pieced border!! I found an even older piece of floral in my stash for the backing!! I named it “Stars in the Meadow”! I had a triangle ruler to use for cutting out the star spokes, but it was a much larger ruler than was needed. A flock of Redwings were flying fairly low over the house and heading in a north easterly direction. In other years the exact same thing has taken place during north-easterly winds after thousands of nocturnally migrating thrushes overshot their intended direction, the birds then spending most of the following morning trying to get back on track.

This all appears to be a tremendous waste of their precious energy to head back in the direction from which they came, but it’s almost as if they are pre-programmed to take a particular path even if it means finding the spot where they went wrong and then starting over again.

I quickly jumped in the car and headed for the Pilling coast, hoping to see even more visible migration taking place. I wasn’t disappointed as during the next three hours many thousands of Redwings and Fieldfares appeared from the west and south west to then head determinedly north east over Fluke Hall before continuing along the sea wall to then eventually disappear out of sight.

Early on the movement was almost entirely Redwings and then after an hour or more larger number of Fieldfares appeared until most of flocks were of the larger thrush.

I tried to get some pictures of the droves of birds- not easy with mixed groups, differing flight heights and speed of individuals, but below is the general idea - a fairly inadequate way of documenting such monumental birding experiences. I touched on this before but wanted to reiterate that my tumblr is where I'm posting more pics of me and sexy stuff. I think I'm going to also post the topless tuesdays pics here as well, but all the naughty gifs and stuff are better suited on tumblr. Last week I had a topless pic of me wearing a masque. I love Halloween and when I saw this it seemed like a good way of keeping anonymous anyone who wanted to join me on webcam. I have had a lot of interest from girls but their stumbling block was revealing their identify. This should solve that in an elegant way. tumblr. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. Mouse & I spent a couple of weeks in OKC, we helped created a bike park, shot this footage and cultivated some life long friendships. Time for another Mantle card. I just hope I get to them before they do. I think this card would have fit in nicely in spite of having his back toward the camera. . R. E. I've been dieting hard, so this felt like a feast I've been feeling really weak but still hiking hard and now dieting too. I hiked enough to earn the calories, so no worries.

A few days after this hike I got the results of my Serum Ferritin test.

That is pretty darn anemic. Now I'm taking even more iron and eating lots of liver and taking lots of vitamin "A".


It seems to be absent for most of the day with daily sightings ranging from early morning to late afternoon. Once a reliable visitors to several locations in the Okanagan each winter, this species has been more irregular over the past few years. This is a thought-out plan. Student who lives around our way and, who always styles and dress in a cool way. .