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This one's for Trish, who wanted to know 'how to get the pink out', and for Sienna and her boyfriend, who were wondering about the fate of the red and brown jacket.

The red and brown jacket needed it's cuffs hemmed, and lo and behold, there were provisional cast-ons to be taken out, while doing the hem! I used the long-tail cast on method with a contrasting color for the 'tail' portion of the cast on. In this case, blue. Color doesn't really matter, but anything contrasting makes seeing what you're doing easier. Plus of course smooth yarn is easier to pull out. Only a maniac would do this with eyelash. Today I have some awesome layering tips to share using the My Creative Scrapbook June Main kit! Layering is one of my favorite techniques these days, it can be with left over papers, journal cards, stickers, anything you want to add to your page to make it look like it has tons of layers!!! so much fun. "Use die cuts, scraps of papers, journal cards, and anything you have left over from your kit grab some pop dots and start layering! Journal Cards can be cut in half Start layering under your photo - not gluing them down yet but just for placement ideas I glue the inside of my papers, leaving the outer edge free and clear of adhesive, this makes it easier when adding more diecuts or papers i sort thru my die cuts, chipboard pieces and stickers start adding them to my page, over and under to make a great visual effect then my favorite part is adding pop dots, I add them on the edges of my papers, this gives them a dimensional look i then add a few little extras, a title, and some ink splats and VOILA! so simple and a great way to use up those leftovers from your MCS kit!". ca indicando en el asunto el DNI, nombre y apellidos. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy day! It is time for a RRR blog hop. You should have arrived here from Teresa's blog. I absolutely love these club ribbons. they make me smile! lady bugs and butterflies.

what's not to love? I created a card and some matching little tags.

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That's an inaudible "grrrrrr", since I've nearly lost my voice. I could get a job for ladies with sexy voices- but the sporadic coughing might be a little problematic. Here's to hoping I'm feeling tip top soon. Hope you are all well!. Mr. Smith is not only a proud progressive but, as the endnote informs us, he "edits the Progressive Review. " I have not included the link to the publication, for I choose not to encourage willing pigfucker-collaborationists in even minor matters. Smith begins by describing the already-begun presidential campaign as "the great contemporary American fairy tale," and he further notes that "citizen participation in a fantasy doesn't make it any more real.

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Dinner tonight. Plus some barbecued chicken. And Razor reports that tomorrow we'll have zucchini. Yum! -dana. Do you love My Mind's Eye's Lost and Found Two line as much as I do? Swoon! Many of the individual paper designs are so beautiful they practically make a card themselves. Here's a quickie taking full advantage of a scalloped label on one of the papers in the Sunshine collection. The sentiment, Where Flowers Bloom Plain Jane, is from Verve Stamps. This is a Sewing Pattern for a girl's dress. Happy days are here again with this charming sundress with kanzashi flowers. This darling dress is perfect for play or any fun party. It can be worn as it is during summer or teamed with an inner during fall or winter. You will get the pattern for the dress, the head band and the pretty flowers all for one price! The pattern is very easy and quick, perfect for any beginner. I tried out the new wide angle lens. This is the wisteria growing over my sons pergola. It is planted in a perfect location with southwest exposure and all day sun. It is abundant to say the least. It is looking like "Little Shop of Horrors".

This is a shot of his backyard.

Hi friends. It's December and there is no more avoiding it.

Christmas is right around the corner! But no worries - Really Reasonable Ribbon has all the ribbons, tools and embellishments you need for your holiday projects.

That got the wheels turning and here is what I came up with. I'm also including a video tutorial down near the bottom of the post. I hope you'll take a look.

All my ornaments today were made with ribbons from either the November or December Ribbon Club Assortments from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

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Now is the time for immigration reform. Really???? How about sitting down with congress NOW and getting the budget done.

Work on reducing the spending so the debt ceiling can begin to shrink.

You know, instead of waiting for the last minute and kicking it down the road again. How about fixing Obama care instead of trying to throw attention away from the mess and trying to let future dimocrats into the country. .