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This week our challenge at There She Goes, is brought to us by Tobi! She has challenged us to make a card or project using the provided sketch! Do you ever make a card and just love it? I don't usually but this is one that I love! Let's start by saying that I was in love with this set, Oh Crop, the minute it was released. It's just so darn cute. So i'm sure thats part of the reason I am so loving this card. I also love the sketch! I have used copics for all the coloring. Added some liquid glass to the eye glasses. Pin It. Right in the middle of her sorrow, having lost one child and knowing she was about to lose another, Nancy Guthrie wrote Holding On To Hope, a collection of short devotional reflections on the book of Job.

I've been reading it every morning after I read the Bible and pray.

It's so helpful that I wish I'd had it twelve months ago - but all in God's good timing! It's a great book to give to someone who's suffering.

One of the strangest things about "big" suffering is that it makes you feel like you ought to be exempt from the "small" things.

It was good to read this and know I'm not alone.

I guess it hit me in the area of my greatest fear - that this wouldn't be our only loss. That night, as David and I talked about the day, we realized that we had both had an unspoken agreement with God that went something like this: "Fine. The previous bar on this bike was the On One Midge Bar, which is the bar that is closest in shape and flare to the Gary II Bar. The biggest changes from the Midge are the deeper drop, slightly longer reach, and longer extensions. Installation was a breeze, but I did have to use a "pop can" shim to get the clamp tight enough on the Gary Bar II to keep it from spinning downward while riding. I found that the brake levers set up well, and only slightly canted outwards. With such a slight slope, the tops are a generous width for your seated climbs and cruising. After all the effervescent May Day festivities with nibbles, glasses of bubbly, chatter and laughter with friends, today has been marked with more subdued, monochrome moods. ♥. Will it have one glorious blow off move tomorrow in response to the Fed? We'll soon find out. Green VIX, green market. Very good collection designed by James Bond. February is shaping up to be a "month of paint". I like the lines, but the color is not right for my color palette and I also want to replace the handles. This is the amazing quilt I received from the Mini Embroidery Quilt Exchange! I was very fortunate that Rosemary Dempster received my name!She is a VERY talented and generous person. Good Morning Augusta, its very foggy, wet and rainy again today, so take your raingear to work with you today. This morning it is overcast with rain. Fog early. Tonight it will be overcast with rain. The New York Times reported allegations about the payments device manufacturers have made to physicians. Documents came from a whistle-blower lawsuit which charged that Medtronic Inc. , the medical device manufacturer, gave sugeons "excessive remuneration, unlawful perqueisites and bribes in other forms for purchasing goods and medical devices. Medtronic played host at medical conferences where the 'principal objective' was to 'induce the physician, through any financial means necessary' to use its devices. m. m. Stoll Stoll Berne Lokting & Shlachter P. C. Eason Chan and Johnnie To promote OFFICE courtesy of mingpao. To Sir had nothing but praise for his first collaboration with Eason.

To Sir said that Eason sang well.

He was confident in his acting. Eason said that after receiving the invitation to make the film, he did not consider the role at all before agreeing due to the strong team. Last night, we had "The Last Supper" Rapture Party. Well, when I planned it, it was actually just a bunch of us getting together to celebrate Gordon leaving his job and starting a law practice. For the cake, Ronna put Chicky into mugshots: Attica! Attica! "Free Chicky! Free Chicky!"Gordon was thrilled with his amazing cake!And a good time was had by all! Big hugs for Ronna, creator of the masterpiece. Gordon also got a bag of goodies to start his new law practice. What lawyer doesn't need Elton John specs?Armed and dangerous. I'd hire him to defend me!I made the mistake of letting Sophie lick buttercream icing off my finger. She wasn't about to leave after that. And Naomi got some quality time with her favourite Auntie Ronna. NOT. NOT! NOT!!Zoë sleeps in the most unladylike positions. What a tart! She did manage to find the one patch of sun in my office:Julius was actually ASLEEP like this, in his kitty condo, when I took this photo:I wish I could be so relaxed!Yep, life is tough for them. I'm just waiting to be arrested by the SPCA.

Most of the varieties were tried and true favorites, but one was a total gamble: Isis Candy Cherry Tomatoes.

I'm not sure what inspired me to try them. Either way, I LOVE these tomatoes! The plant is huge and rangy and growing all over the driveway like crazy bonkers, and it's full of tomatoes. I want to let you in on a secret. That's right, I mean you, Pickering, Canada, and Birmingham, AL, and YOU! Culpeper and Rucksville, VA. I see you, even if you're keeping quiet. That's ok. I don't take it personally. Actually, it's pretty humbling. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, you change your life. - Brian Tracy Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. The weeks are rolling by and I'm not sure if that makes me happy or not. I suppose any week we're all still here is a good one.

As to the day to day, I have been working on some projects and solving "issues".

One issue is Justice falling down and up? the stairs in the middle of the night. A bevy of night lights has not solved the problem.

Not good for the sleep deprived, and no thrill for Miss Justice either.

I had this fencing in the garage for some time, waiting to be sanded, cleaned, painted and installed. It was too narrow for the spot but the shoe basket fits perfectly in the gap and the problem was solved. Kilmacolm Golf Course on a "nice sunny day" The Kilmacolm Open Greensomes was postponed yesterday due to overnight torrential rain. Described by some as a "Mini Gleneagles" and offering a huge range of facilites to members, guests and visiting parties alike. Let's start today with a beautiful photo of our sheep on the hill in the midst of autumn foliage. For the second season, I've teamed up with the fine folks at Regia for my Garden Effects Sock Yarn. Seriously - how exciting is this for me. Good day to all! I added four new pictures of one of my favorite French players, Edouard Roger-Vasselin, to his page on the brieflines site. I love the lankiness. Hope to see you all here tomorrow!. We are also loving the colors you can only find at our little restaurant. All are American Apparel brand - no cheap shirts here!. They hadn't asked for another foster child, as their hands were full with their four older children. But how could they say no? So they took in "Sam" and he grew plump and happy in their wild and busy household, and learned to walk and talk, and is in the family pictures. We are all devastated, looking on, but Dennis and Arlene's grief isn't to be described. The idea of Children's Services is to prevent child abuse. What irony. I was sitting in the forest before dawn, very cold and very quiet. The sky had veins of pink in the far east long before I heard a single bird break the silence. I thought of what Mark had told me about hunting deer. That the best thing to do is find your spot and fall asleep and when you wake up, they are there. I closed my eyes and tried my best, but I was far too wired.

I spent a few hours out there but didn't so much as see a deer.

I heard plenty of gunfire though.

If the rest of this mountain is anything to go by and only half the shots I heard actually brought down an animal I'd guess a ton of venison is on the menu tonight. Hi Unity Friends! It's Karen here for this week's DT Tuesday post! So, today I am featuring a couple of stamps from "the TIME is NOW" stamp set that really inspired me to make this card. and, I've been wanting to make a card with pennant banners along the side, so I thought this would be the time to do this. adding the "brave" sentiment and those sweet little birdies following their mama!! and now, for my PICK of the WEEK. Thanks Jay. This checklist proves how easily distracted I get. First I found a cool picture of Satchel Paige. Then I became interested in the story behind the picture and did a few posts on the MLB pension. That in turn got me interested in the Hairston baseball family. I could go on about being easily distracted but I think I see something shiny. g. These providers also describe the challenge of trying their best to help vulnerable trafficking survivors with little guidance about best practices. Providers want to help survivors to recover and live safe, independent lives. It's Day Two of Reverse Confetti's Countdown to Confetti, and today we're featuring a beautiful sentiment set called IN A BIG WAY. Love it!! I cut the leafy sprig with my Cameo. Links are on the Reverse Confetti blog. FETCH. Although Barbaro is cited as a horse who broke the Derby "rules," he came to Churchill Downs with a solid foundation - five races at a mile or more, four of them stakes. Curlin has no such foundation. He has everything against him. Hope you enjoy it! Are you in the RRR Monthly Ribbon Club yet? If not, you really are missing out. .