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The amended text can be found here. Despite repeated failure to garner support for past versions, Senator Pavley continues to unfairly target motorcycle owners. Riders throughout the state have already been contacting their legislators and letting them know that this is still simply unfair.

My preferred candidates are Rand Paul for the Republican party and Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party, but the candidate I find most interesting at the moment is Ben Carson.

I do not think he is likely to get nominated, let alone elected. But if he did end up in the White House, what kind of a job would he do? He is intelligent and likable, both useful assets, but he has no experience at anything close to the job he is running for. Have there been any Presidents like Carson, successful men whose success did not involve either politics or administration? None occur to me—but it is not a subject I know much about. Perhaps one of my readers can offer an example. The Dragon at Willington seemed a friendly place, even if their bar food menu was a tad expensive, and they were quite happy to give me the WiFi key. The bartender was also trying to get a link on his iPhone. "Needs a re-boot", he said, "It was working this morning – it's a nightmare". With that confidence-booster, it was back to the table to wait, but to no avail. Since I'd yet to purchase any liquid refreshment I was on the moral low ground, so I packed up, went out to the garden and tried to get a mobile broadband signal. Unfortunately Willington's Three signal was also rather flaky.

Managed to get off an email, but there was no chance of doing any database work.

Back again to challenge the channel line.

see more here. Thinking back, he now believes it may have been a Bigfoot. Once the idea was born, a long search began for designers, photographers and publishers connected to shoes. They recall the dark expanses of the Yorkshire moors, sing together full-throated and bold, recall poignant memorials of being a boy, and dance optimistically to the howling tones of Kate Bush. McMaster’s all male, award-winning interpretation of Emily Brontë’s seminal text, re-visits the iconic landscapes and characters from Wuthering Heights and places them alongside the stories of the male performers. Read an exclusive Mayfest interview with director Peter McMaster here. This Act will amend several acts such as the Planning act, and replace the Social Housing Reform Act with the new Housing Services Act. The Bill was introduced after a cross-province tour with stakeholder meetings conducted by the previous Minister Jim Watson. I attended one of the meetings and was optimistic at the time. Seeing the Bill, it is now my opinion that it was just a show, as nothing came of it. The legislation relates to the provision of housing and homelessness services under provincial oversight. e. More:. courtesy of singtao. She revealed that her mother suffered from the illness but over the years she still attentively took care of her. Unfortunately yesterday Sister Siu Hung's mother passed away. Yesterday morning, Wai Ying Hung posted the news online. "Dear Mother, the past few years have been truly tough on you. ". Gecen carsamba sabahi uyandim ki, yeniden nuksetmis. Once direndim, kendi kendine gecmesi icin. Ancak acili oksuruk krizleri baslayinca antibiyotiksiz gecmeyecegini anladim. Dun acile gidip antibiyotigimi aldim. Here is Emma Muff and her ten chicks! They are growing like crazy, and all sleep on a beam in the chicken coop at night. A couple can still fit under Mama, but not all!. The Pow Wow took place last night nearby. We went to watch the Grand Entry and to have some supper, I had taco in a bag and Far Guy had a fry bread burger and fries. The flag ceremonies are always impressive, they honor the flags and our veterans. It is always fun to photograph the dancers. This year I tried to capture the smallest dancers. A little Jingle Dress Dancer holding someones hand…might have been an older sister.

A feathers flying dancer…he loved those feathers! This little Fancy Shawl Dancer must like horses, even her shawl was lined with horses and on the back of her shawl was another horse.

This was a busy weekend in our area. In Detroit Lakes “We Fest” was going on and over in Park Rapids it was the Logging, Legends and Loons Celebration. Activities will include program promotion, contract coordination, conservation planning, conservation plan modification, site assessment, inspections, and reporting. A general qualification guideline for this position is a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources/Environmental Studies/Agricultural Business or a related field. ".

This level of PSA Hell brings us the celebrity cameo.

and a lot of pointlessness. ‎. Simply Effective Eric Roth Photography For More Bathroom Ideas Visit Bathroom Pinterest . Margaret's getting faster at Sudoku. This time the level is "Devious" which sounds quite difficult.


"Observation:The Psalmist David writes this Psalm with great understanding. The tongue is the hardest thing in our bodies to take control of. He asks the Lord to take control of what he says. He realized that in his own flesh, he could never take control of what he would say. He asked the Lord to guard his lips. Application:Out mouths get us into more trouble than any other part of our bodies. Our mouths constantly seem to say things we wish we could take back. We need to give God total control of our mouths and what we say. Hi all! Shilo here with today's Stamp of the Week reminder. This came out days ago, which makes it a matter of historical interest in blogging terms, but what the hell - I didn't get the chance until now. Even if an unambiguous intent can be inferred from voter responses to these referenda questions, the government is under no obligation to act on the results, and generally doesn't.

That said, at least it's democracy in action - if enough of our peers have signed a petition demanding that a particular question be put to voters, we really have to just suck it up, hand over the dosh and let due process run its course.

Corporate weasels, of course, tend to see democracy and due process as being only useful to the extent they support your strategic plan - if they don't they can get fucked, but if your strategic goals would benefit from being dressed in the accoutrements of democracy and due process for propaganda purposes, they're wheeled out. Cue John Key, the corporate weasel currently running the country. See how they capture the aged ambiance of Italy mixing and mingling granulating colors, adding texture and using decisive brushwork. In one hour, each artist will paint a scene from their workshops in Italy as they discuss their techniques and approach to painting watercolors in the studio and en plein air.

Some of the DANIEL SMITH watercolors Cindy and Theresa will be using at the demo are: DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors: Green Apatite Genuine, Tigers Eye Genuine, Purpurite Genuine and Malachite Genuine, as well as: Naples Yellow, Lunar Earth, Cobalt Teal Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Permanent Brown, Titanium Buff, Manganese Violet, and Cobalt Violet.

You can find out more at the FREE demo, in our March/April newsletter and here on the blog in few weeks under "March Schedule of FREE Demos and Artist Workshops". Tic-tac-toe line. And this is exactly what they sounded like.

Remember these women.

They chose this. They wanted this. They won by spending thirty years and billions of dollars honing their rage and paranoia on the whetstone of racism and ignorance. Let's see- what have I been doing?I did my taxes- hurrrrraaaahhh- so glad to have that done. Fell in love with a house we can't afford- ohhhhh heartbreak. Hosted a dinner party OUTSIDE with my Mom and Dad who just got in town. Witnessed springs arrival in Minneapolis. In other news- Gay from I Dreamed I Saw featured my Ceramic Rabbits in one of her collections.

See them all here on her website.

e. Yet Cruz pulled through despite those additional obstacles. In addition, Rubio surged. Today's view from my kitchen window. Now you can see why I titled this post the way I did. Though this may look gross to a lot of you, hang in here, it gets much better. Yes. those are pigs feet.

This is a rich French stew named because it is made in a pot bellied earthenware daubiere.

I use my big oval Le Crueset pot.

Things are picking up again at work. Actually going to only have forty hours this week, but, next week should be back up to full swing again. The emergencies are already trickling in.

I intend on enjoying the last of the lull.

Finished up at work and headed to the grocery store. On the way, I found a little hole in the wall consignment store that I have driven past without noticing it for a couple years. It is awesome. They have nice furniture. Not rejects from a yard sale. Not stuff that should be put out on garbage day. Real nice old furniture at very reasonable prices. IntroductionA year has passed since we first released Amnesia and a lot has changed for us at Frictional Games since.

We have gone from being pretty much out of money, to being financially stable in a way we never thought we would be.

Our financial situation is far from the only change though. The success of Amnesia has led to us getting a lot more known among players and the press. Reactions to the game are still pouring in, and it feels extremely good and humbling to be able to have that kind of impact on people. With that little summary, now let's get down and dirty with some more detailed information. .